Chapter 7

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Lilith's POV

"I don't know sarah, they would all look perfect on you." Sarah stands infront of a mirror, switching between two dresses; One very long and elegant black and white swirl effect dress with a slit on the right side to bear her leg, and the other a tight, short (just below the ass short) deep purple dress. "What would be perfect is if it was the same style and the long one but the same colour as the short one!" I exclaim. She stands there for a second then pouts. She throws the slut dress into her closet then holds the elegant dress at arms length.

"Hmp.." she sulks. She reaches out with her empty hand and gently strokes the dress, right before your very eyes, it turned the deep purple. Like it was nothing, Sarah turned back to the mirror and smiled. "You were right, blood keeper, this is perfect!" She squeels in excitment. She turned to the open mouthed me, "Close your mouth, It's rude to gawk at Yours truly's ability's" She smirked.

"H.. how?" I stuttered, shocked. I've seen them cast magic before, and by them I mean Ash, Sarah, Nate, Layton and a few 'Servent's. Nate's words not mine.

"Magic..!" She hauntingly whispered, twirling her fingers infront of my face casting a cloud of purples to form. She pulls the dress on quickly and then turns to me, "Come on we need to get you ready, Sweet blood." She grabbed my arm and pulled my towards my room.


On my perfectly made red bed, a dress had been laid out. Sarah growled.

"God damn he already made a choice!" She dropped my arm and went around my bed to lie down on the uncreased red sheets. "Go on missy, get dressed...." I nodded and picked up the delicate clothing and walked behind the translucent-opaque boards. I pulled off my short sleeved top and skirt before sliding into the dress.

"Sarah, can you tie it up?" I felt hands pull tightly on the strings on my left side before going to my right. When she finished I turned around "Than-"

"Do you really think sarah is that good at lying around to wait for you?" Nate childishly asked. He's beautiful, he really is. His eye's never used to look at me like they do now; a caring, peaceful look. His blonde, shaved on the sides, hair drapes just infront of his big, red eyes. His pale skin is flawless, perfectly contrasting with his rosy pink lips which were formed in a gentle smile. I unconsiously gave him a shy smile back. He was wearing what he would call 'fancy' clothing tonight; A white collared shirt with a rolled-up-at-the-sleeves black suit jacket. He had ripped black jeans and black combat boots. He was every girls dream...


Nate was very much still a child. Ash had told me that.

He was forced as a kid to try this coma remedy thing for people dying of diseases. It was the four year olds last hope at ever making 18. They were able to contain the disease better with a sleeping host and had done that for 13 years, until Nate wished he never went into this, because he would die anyway. Ash passed by the hospital 30 years ago and heard the thoughts of a 17 year old Nate wishing he was dead, although back then his name wasn't Nate..

They never told me their real names, like it was some big secret.

But Ash took Nate away and turned him immediatley, saving his life but ruining his family's.


Nate turned looked down at my dress and furrowed his brows.

I blushed. "D- does it not look good?" I asked worried. He looked up to read my worried expression.

He shook his head, "No...-", I let out a sigh of relief. He leaned into my ear and continued "-you look too good.."

As his cool breath grazed my ear I stopped breathing, only able to hear my heart thumping like crazy in my ears. He takes a step away and heads towards a chest of mahogany draws. I panic when he trys to open the top one until it only rattles in its place.

'You're welcome, bitch' I hear Sarah, just before she laughs. Nate easily forgets about and goes to the draw under it. He opens it and smiles. Whats in there?! He whips a pair of tight stockings out the draw and hands them to me.

"Less skin shown, the better"

I put them on and walk over to the mirror. He stands behind me and smiles. We could actually be... something


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