Ok i am back but i am watching youtube.com on the wii but i am still bord after a few hours.


Sorry was eating anyways the wii isnt working oh wait nevermind its fine now i am just watching tv.

i am watching dog with a blog i LOVE that show!

Well i am STILL BORED!

And i dont even know when my grampa is picking me up from my great gramdma's house and i am just wrighting still and i dont want too dance anymore or watch YouTube.com.


Sorry was watching Dog With A Blog well another episode and wrighting NOOOO Austin and Ally is on next i will just go on ondemand too watch more Dog With A Blog that show is just so funny dont u agree?

BRB its back on...

Ok i am now watching Dog With A Blog i am watching a new episode.

BRB its on...

Ok it is off but i am watching another tv show i am not going too say because i dont want people too judge.

So anyway i saw the most grosses thing ever and in a few munites i have too go with my great grandma's boyfriend too get some milk and i am hungry as usual.

Ok i am back i was eating for the 3rd time today if u r me then u would eat ALOT!

Well now i am texting one of my friends Joey from school.

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