Killer App

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I was going through my phone this morning

Then an app popped up on my screen without no warning

Curiosity got the better of me

So I decided to open it up to see what it could be

A message appeared, don’t read me 

Like everyone before I didn’t heed the warning

Upon opening it up, I saw a teddy bear burning

And a message below saying

Whoever read this will die the next morning


I rolled my eyes, thinking that it wasn’t funny

People would really do anything for money

I put it out of my mind and went about my day

But things that day was just not going my way

And everywhere I look I saw those words on display

When the night did come, I was scared as hell

I kept seeing a burning teddy bear, like I was under a spell

I thought I was losing my mind

I looked for a logical explanation but none I couldn’t find


If this was a joke it was very mean

It either that or I’ve been having way to much caffeine

How else can I explain the things I’ve seen?

I fell fast asleep after a long while

I woke next morning to a man dress in a strange attire

I screamed because I was soon engulfed in fire

The strange man looked at me and said, never ignore a warning

Or you might just find yourself on fire, burning.


Moral of the story always heed your warnings

Or you might not live to see another morning

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