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Peeta and I suddenly stop at the foot of the golden gates, nothing can still be seen but the thick white mist.

We both face each other. "Are you ready?" Peeta asks me and I nod to him.

He wraps his arm around my back and we slowly walk into the world beyond the gates. The mist slowly lifts after each step we take. I wrap my arm around Peeta's back as we continue entering this world, preparing for anything that we will see.

The mist disappears and Peeta is brave enough to be the one to speak first. "Wow."

My head looks up and my eyes are met with the perfect world. It's just like our world is here but has been converted into the world everyone wants. All peace and happiness.

"K-Katniss." Peeta stutters and I look towards him, though he just stares below us. I follow his gaze and gasp when I see what he's looking at.

We both separate and run down the stairs. "Mum! Dad! Prim!" I exclaim and approach them at full speed.

"Katniss." All three of them state before we embrace each other. We exchange brief  welcomes and I love you's and a wide smile forms on my face. I'm reunited with my family.

Separating, I look to my left and see Peeta with his family yet looking at me. Happy tears run down both our faces.

"I'll be a minute." I say to my family before I move towards Peeta. Facing him, he moves towards me as well.

Reaching one another, we stare into each others eyes. We share a quick kiss before hugging. Finally reunited with everyone. We break to see both of our families approcahing us. We make no noise as we form one big hug and Peeta and I lean our heads together.

I then know, I can spend time with everyone  know tht has entered this world.

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