Chapter 13- Holy Shit I'm In Trouble

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:::Kayla's POV:::
It's been 1 month and 1/2 since I had sex with Luke. I'm really worried because we didn't use protection! And my period is 2 months late. I am about to take the test. Oh no. It came out positive! I have to tell Luke but I don't know how. I call Jess and Claire to come over.
"You're pregnant?!" Jess and Claire say in unison.
"Shhhhh. Jason might hear!" I say.
"Sorry but girl you are crazy! You just had a baby like a few months ago!" Jess says.
"Yeah" Claire says.
"Holy shit I'm in trouble!" I say.
Claire gives me a look.
"Seriously Claire? Now is not the time to worry about me cussing!"
"You have to tell Luke!" Jess says "he is the dad correct?"
"Yeah but I don't know how."
"You'll figure out something." Claire says pushing me into my car.
"Drive!" Jess says.
"Alright...." I say warily as I start driving to Luke's house.
"Hey!" Luke says when he sees me.
"We need to talk." I say.
"Yes we do." He says.
"You go first." I say.
He starts kissing me.
"You said we were gonna talk." I say pulling away.
"I lied." He says.
Ring ring
"Sorry I have to take this." He says going into the kitchen
I can't help but eavesdrop.
"Yeah. I love you too babe." I hear Luke say.
"Yeah I'm at my Grandma's house. Be careful grandma!" He says.
"I had fun last night. You are great in bed." He says.
"Ok bye. I miss you too babe." He says.
I quickly sit back down.
"Who was that?" I ask.
"Oh that was my grandma..." He says.
"You cheater!" I say with tears in my eyes.
"Sorry but I can't tie myself down to one woman." He says with a smirk.
"I thought you loved me." I say.
"You stupid little girl. What made you think I wanted to be with you. The reason I broke up with Jess is because I knew she wouldn't want to have sex with me or anything like that for a long time but you were stupid enough to want to do it right after you had the baby. Nice body by the way sweetheart. You wanna do it again sometime?" Luke asks.
"No way!" I say.
"Well I'm glad I made you miserable." He says.
"Well, here's one thing you should know. You have a son!" I say.
"What?!" He says.
"Yeah you heard me! I'm pregnant and it's all your fault!" I say.
"Kayla-" he starts.
I leave slamming the door in his face.
When I get to Jason's house he sees I've been crying.
"What's wrong? What did that jerk Luke do?" He asks.
"He cheated on me. And he left me with a baby." I say.
"Wait you don't mean you're-"
"Pregnant? Yeah, and I have to relive it again." I say. I expect Jason to say something but all of a sudden I feel soft lips on mine. I realize it's Jason. I kiss him back. I can't stop kissing him because of all the hatred, regret, and revenge I'm feeling right now.

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