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Ashton has always been a very considerate and caring person. He was one of those people who would swerve off the road and drive into a ditch to avoid running over an animal, even if it were already dead. He's very protective of those he loves and acts like the authority figure to his friends because he doesn't want them to get hurt. His mother raised him to have a big heart.

That's why the moment he heard Dylan ask him for a ride, he sprung up off the couch and grabbed his keys, running to his car to pick her up.

Dylan knew that Ashton knew of her and Luke's plans tonight, in fact, Ashton had gotten excited for their plans as well, asking them to tell everything about it the next day. She didn't know, though, how upset Ashton would be about Luke not coming to their dinner.

Dylan stood out in front of the restaurant with splashes of rain hitting her legs, causing her to shiver as she waited for Ashton. He seemed outraged when she answered his question and told him that Luke didn't make it to dinner.

Soon enough, a small and rusty car pulled up front, and Dylan ran to the passenger side, quickly sliding in and shutting the door after her. She instantly felt the heat overtake her small body and she sunk into her seat as she put on her seatbelt. Dylan could feel the intense look that Ashton gave, but she refused to glance his way because she knew she might lose it and cry. The last thing she wanted was to cry in front of someone. She knew it wasn't worth their time.

"Can you drive me home, please?" She asked in a small voice.

Ashton looked at her for a few more seconds before sighing and putting the car into drive. The rain overtook any silence that may have existed and Dylan was grateful for it. She didn't want to listen to her thoughts. She had her hands locked together on her lap and her head held high. She could've easily fooled an outsider into thinking she was perfectly fine, but her eyes poured out sadness and defeat.

After a few more minutes passed, Ashton couldn't take it any longer. He knew Dylan was upset, so he was confused as to why she wasn't showing it. He wanted her to let it out, he wanted her to scream and cry and say awful things about Luke.

"Dylan? Talk to me, it's okay. I'm here." He offered a small smile to her when she turned her head the slightest in his direction.

"I'm fine really. Things happen. He got caught in other things and was helping someone out. He's a good person for doing that. It's okay."

Ashton really couldn't believe it. Even though he knows Dylan must feel crushed and hurt by her own best friend, she can't say a single bad thing about him. He was dumbfounded by her kindness. But he was also confused because she should be furious right now, and he was beginning to feel anger towards Luke now.

"Did he say where he was or what he's doing instead?"

Dylan hesitated to answer. "He- my roommate told me he's with her. She said she needed a ride home so he was being a good person and helping her." Dylan fought hard to keep her tears in. As upset as she was, she couldn't find it in her to talk badly about anyone. She was trying to see the bigger picture. She didn't want to be selfish and think that Luke's world revolves around hers.

Ashton on the other hand was angry. He bit the inside of his cheek and sighed. "So Luke didn't even call you to tell you why he didn't come? Your roommate did? What, did he even remember you? Does he know he left you-"

"Ashton it's fi-"

"No it isn't damn fine, Dylan. Didn't you say he made these plans in the first place?" She didn't answer and instead looked out the window and watch the rain fall. He took her silence as the answer. "He's such an āss sometimes. How could he do something like that to you? You're his best friend for fūcks sake!" He slammed his fist onto the steering wheel and mumbled some more words under his breath.

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