*Ashley's pov*

"That's it." Alex's said

"Dude, it's-it's underneath." Tuck said

" So this whole time... " I trail off

" that's why they want all of our houses..."

They were digging.

I looked at Alex and he had a look of determination and sadness. And I knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Alex, I know what your thinking." I said trying to get him out of it.

He ignored me and started walking towards the hole


I said once he was right next to it

"Th-the only way that thing can take off, is to come up and out of the ground threw us." I say

"That's a really bad idea." Tuck says

"Dude, what are you doing." Munch asked

"This just about us anymore. It's about other people now, a whole community still asleep in their beds." Tuck said

"Let's just think this though first." I say "Alex, if you going down there, I'm going with you."

"What?" Munch says

"No, your not going with me." Alex said connecting the chains

"If I'm not going your not going." I say crossing my arms

"Sorry sweetheart, but it's only me this time." He said before going down the hole.

"Alex! Alex!" I yell. No response. I walked closer to where Alex connected the chains and started going down.

"Ashley?! What are you doing." Munch yells

"What does it look like I'm doing." I mumble

When I started going down I decided not to make my presence known. Once I got to the bottom I say Alex at a metal type door and once I got closer he had opened it.

"Oh dear lord Alex" I whisper to masked as I watch him walk though the door.

I follow behind him and I think I heard him ask echo

" Is this where we are supposed to be?" And Echo agreed.

"Alex?" I say

He spins around and looked at me shocked.

" I told you if you go, I go." I smile at him. He smiles back shaking his head.

"Cmon, better get this down." He says

"Oh my god." I whisper as I look around the room. It was amazing.

Me and Alex walked up to this weird looking staff thing and it seemed it like echo was supposed to be put there.

Alex had placed echo gently down and pushed him in. Everything had made a boom sound and it was going crazy.

Alex pulled me closer as we looked frantically around the room. Once it stopped we looked at echo and he looked so much better from when we had first found him.

He looked like he was setting stuff up on his little hologram screen. I was really gonna miss him.. Me and Alex smiled at each other

"I've left you guys once, I'm not doing it again." Tuck spoke. Startling me and Alex

I looked over at tuck and noticed Emma and Munch with him.

"Hey guys." I say

"Whoa, this is insane." Tuck says looking around

Echo started chirping and sent something around the room to form little small clips of all of us.

I looked around and smiled at a video of me hugging Alex back when we were fighting but made up at the bar.

Many clips of us from when we played 20 questions, when we introduced ourselves, and just us, being us.

When the pictures faded we looked at echo again. Alex looked at him

"So um, beep. Uh, um." He started sniffing. I wiped my tears and grabbed onto his hand.

" I don't really know how to say goodbye... So I'm not gonna. And um... Your my friend, you know? Even when I'm old, even when you think I've forgotten... I'm always gonna be there." He says crying. And yea.. I was crying to...

Echo imitated his ringtone one last time. And the place started rumbling.

"Do you feel that?" Tuck says

The place started shaking and I'm pretty sure that meant it was gonna take off

"Guys we need to go now!" I say

"Bye." Alex said to echo. We were about to walk away when I let go of Alex hand and ran over to echo.

"Thank you, for... For last night.. And today. Thank you for making our last night... The best night. I'll miss you buddy." I sniffled. And I walked away.

The rumbling started to get worse and we started running.

We had all gotten out when tuck said

"Wait, wait my camera." and started going down again.

"Well, that was one hell of a goodbye." I say. Wiping my tears.

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