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Jeff's POV

"Shut your face Hoody, I can throw a knife waaaaaaay further than you!" I said, "wanna bet?" urged Hoody. "Nah, this knife has sentimental value and shit. I made my first kill with this," I yawned. "Get another one then bitch," he shot. "CBA bitchess!" I shot back.

Hoody was my roommate and my only friend. We sprawled out on the sofa, eating junk food and watching stupid asses on TV. " Every thing on a 6pm sucks!" yelled my mate, "for once I agree with you my brown hooded friend." I said.

At 6 I was going on my 'hunt', I was still thinking about my last one. I was just about to kill two young kids when I saw the girl, I should of asked her what her name was instead of saying something cheesy and old.

"Mate you seem distant, what's up?" asked Hoody, he seemed very concerned. "I'm not gonna tell you or you'll rip the shit out of me!" I mumbled. Hoody laughed and said "I won't," he sounded genuine. "Nope and anyway I'm going now! See ya!" I grabbed a pristine white hoodie and a cleaver. I was out the door in seconds.

I have to say I think I like writing Jeff's POV more the Iris's. Vote, comment ect. :)

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