Chapter 13

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It was soon morning, and the rain had subsided. I slowly opened my eyes and Greg and I were in the same position as we fell asleep in. I went to get up but his fingers were inter-locked with mine and I didn't want to wake him, so I lay there for a little while longer. 

It had been about half an hour but still, I needed to get up. I heard the dogs scuttling around in the other room. I kicked the duvet off me and tried to pull my hand apart from his, but it was no use. I dived over him so I could try and release my hand from another perspective, but when I turned to face him, the duvet wasn't on him either. I looked shocked as I saw his dick and diverted my eyes to our hands. I lay on the bed next to him and he frowned in his sleep. I cringed, trying not to wake him up, but he tried to turn over but I knew he couldn't. I was about to jump back over to the otherside but he unconsciously rolled over so I was ontop of him. However, he did release my hand in the process. I was about to get up off him but he flung his arms around my waist, whilst still sleeping and held me tight. I put my hands on his pillow and tried to push up, but it was no use, he's strong awake and even stronger asleep, is he like a super human or something? I struggles nervously, trying not to wake him but also trying to get free. It was no use. I tried to slide my body upwards, but I had a pretty plump ass that wasn't allowing me to slide through. He twitched in his sleep and one of his hands slid down onto my butt. I frowned away but then shook it off, he was asleep, how could he know. I realised that going up wasn't an option and my boobs dangling in his face weren't the most polite. I decided to go down, but his nudity made me not too keen. Why don't I just wake him up? I pondered to myself whilst i wiggled down his body. This method was going great! Until my face was straight up in line with his peen, and his hands were pushing down on my shoulders, I went for one last wiggle to be free, but just as I pushed, I accidently hit his leg causing him to awaken from his deep slumber. 

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