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*Baby ripping through stomach while blood comes oozing out. The baby's eyes are completely white with no pupil and laughs repetitively. You are screaming in shock but no one in the hospital room can hear you. Their eyes turn white just like the baby and stand there screaming like crazy* (DAMN THAT IS ACTUALLY REALLY SCARY)

I woke up due to really loud screaming and turned to my side to see Y/N sweating. I quickly started caressing her and saying her name softly, I couldn't stand looking at her like that.

I woke up and was so relieved that it was just a dream. A pretty damn scary dream. I saw shawn look at me with worry and I started crying, I was shaking.

"Shhh baby it's okay it was just a dream" Shawn said while softly caressing my stomach were my 6 month baby girl was.

I knew we shouldn't of watched that scary movie last night.

"SHAWN THE BABY WAS A DEMON AND YOU JUST STOOD THERE SCREAMING AND TH-" He interrupted me with a soft kiss on my lips.

"It's okay it was just a dream you are going to have a beautiful baby girl that will be an angel and you will be the best mom ever" He said

I loved Shawn so much, he always made me feel secure and safe.

He pulled my into his arms and my head was resting on my chest.

The baby slightly kicked and shawn had felt it too. We both giggled.

"And you will be the best dad ever"


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that dream is actually really scary like my imagination just took a really wrong turn

so i apologize

and i will take responsibility for any nightmares that the readers had

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