Author's Note: I can tell this fanfiction will get a very crappy ending...but oh well. XD I'm still trying to improve. Ciao~

Canada's POV

I will get him back no matter what it takes. I grabbed some books off my shelf and ran to the place, the cemetary;Alfred's cemetary. It was midnight now. I turned around and saw the dark shadow dart out behind a willow tree. The gravel made crunching sounds as i stepped towards him. To my surprise England had brought two others. The magic trio i whispered. I had met Norway before but never Romania. He was creepier than i had expected. Romania's fangs were very much like a vampire's although i'd never met one for long enough to talk to it. I wondered if he sucked blood too.


"....Dumbledora the Explora." The incantation was completed. Hopefully it summoned the elf England wanted to call out. First horns, then small wings appeared. It was DEFINEITLY NOT an elf. Before i could react it leapt at me. I stepped away from the magic circle. "Patronus!" The vampire was knocked back into the circle. England swiftly stopped the flow of magic.

~Flashback End~

"H-hello. My name is Canada or er...Matthew Williams." I shook his hand and turned to face Arthur. "Here's the plan," I sighed, "Remember how America 'died' right? He didn't die like Romano or Prussia. He's not fully human like Davie either so that must mean he's in a deep enough coma that it stopped the usage of his organs (Totally didn't make the up XD). We have to go after him and bring him back to this world. America the country is in chaos, ruins right now. This spell, 'Chaser' can be used to bring Alfred back. I would do anything to bring my brother back to this world. I don't know which Alternate Dimension (Mattie you just broke the fourth wall!!!) he's in. We better be cautious alright? Francis here wil-"

"That frog! Why did you bring that bloody bastard?!"

"He has to watch over our bodies. Only our minds will enter the dimension. Here's how you set it up. You need to draw the circle and then place Alfred in the middle. The incantation is: "Ankra no vasidous reki malarka. (Pronounced: An-k-ra no vas-c-dous re-ki mal-ar-ka). We have to repeat it four times, one for each person not including Alfred.

Everyone got into their positions and started to chant. "Ankra no vasidous reki malarka. Ankra no vasidous reki malarka. Ankra no vasidous reki malarka. Ankra no vasidous reki malarka!" Everyone stepped into the circle and fell unconcious into an unknown dimension...

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