"Bring your Niisan here" Akiko demanded. Mitsuki complied, walking back to the kitchen. She grabbed Shiro's arm and led him back to the dining room.

        "What's going on?" Shiro asked.

        "Akiko is going to tell us something" Mitsuki replied.

        "Yes, but first..." Akiko walked up to Shiro and touched his chest.

        "I want you Niisan!" Akiko said. She pulled Shiro in for a kiss. Mitsuki clenched her fists, but she decided to not doing anything and look away. When she looked back, Akiko had released Shiro.

        "Damn you" Mitsuki cursed under her breath.

        "Okay, I'll tell you. A few years ago, I was cursed by my brother so that I can't leave this house. I also can't die while I'm here. Then when my brother finally decided to leave me, I felt abandoned; lonely. Of course I feel a bit better now" Akiko explained, looking at Shiro.

        "How do we left this curse?" Shiro asked.

        "You can try to find a witch. I heard there's one in the cave that's next to this house. If you could do that, I'd be grateful forever Niisan" Akiko replied.

        "I'll do it" Shiro decided,

        "What?! Really Niisan?!" Akiko wondered.

        "Yep, of course. Are you willing to help me out Mitsuki?" Shiro asked.

        "I don't want to, but as long as I get some alone time with you, I don't mind" Mitsuki replied.

        "Okay, let's go then" Shiro said, pulling Mitsuki out of the house. "Bye Akiko, when we come back, you'll be free from your curse"

        "Thank you Niisan" Akiko smiled. Shiro and Mitsuki left the house and head for the cave Akiko told them about. It was an old cavern that looked like it hadn't been explored for years. Cobwebs and bats were visible from the entrance.

        "Ready Mitsuki?" Shiro asked.

        "Umm, yeah" Mitsuki was trembling.

        "What's wrong, are you scared?"

        "Noo...Oniichan....you're a...a baka"

        "Hey, don't be that way" Mitsuki stuck her face in Shiro's chest. He smiled and hugged her.

        "It's going to be okay" Shiro said.

        "Oniichan, do you like Akiko?" Mitsuki asked.

        "There's nothing wrong with Akiko. I felt the need to help her. It's a nice house, but being stuck there forever sounds like torture to me"

        "You're always so nice, Oniichan, so I'm wondering if that's the reason why you decided to come with me on this vacation" Shiro looked away, refusing to answer her. "So I'm right, you don't feel that way about me" A tear rolled down from her eyes.

        "Mitsuki, I..."

        "It's fine Oniichan. I'm just glad to be with you" Shiro smiled.

        "Shall we go then?" Shiro asked. Mitsuki nodded. "Let's do this" Shiro pulled out his sword and blew a gust of wind towards the entrance of the cave, clearing out the cobwebs and driving the bats away. Shiro looked around and spotted a piece of wood.

        "Hey Mitsuki, can you grab that wood over there?" Shiro asked, pointing at the wood.

        "Sure thing Oniichan" Mitsuki said, walking up to the wood. She picked it up. "What now?"

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