Chapter 12 I'm With The Band

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Chapter 12 I'm With The Band

The next morning they all awoke one by one at the early hour of dawn. They all rubbed their twinging necks and backs and gave each other shit for being so stupid for sleeping sitting up on the couches, especially these couches which they found in a scrap heap and had hints of scabies when they first got them and cleaned them.

They recovered from their twinges with whiskey and a hearty breakfast, as well as a hash pipe session that Seth was so kind to initiate. Jack asked what the plans were and Conner responded, "Well, we have practice today at five to eight. Before and after that we're free, but before practice I'm gonna take a nap."

"You know what we should do today," said Hal, "role a fat joint, and I mean cigar sized, and we go to the forrest, drink some beers and have some fun."

After about forty five minutes of rolling joints, packing food, and arguing for shotgun, they shipped off in what was an hour long drive into where Jack had no idea, it was some transcendent place in the Cascades. The more they went on these nameless freeways and roads that went deeper and deeper into the trees and fields the more Jack was getting lost in the awe of the sights before him. With every turn, with every mile came more and more beautiful blue sky lines dotted with puffs of white and the ground was just a bloom with the most vibrant greens, browns, and reds. The almost neon technicolor wildflowers sprung from the hills and dotted the green horizon. Jack had never seen anything so beautiful, so worthy of awe, in his entire life.

They eventually reached some huge park that Jack had never heard of, it was a popular local spot. After they parked the group carried their blankets, food, and drugs deep into the forest on some painful yet pristine path. Eventually settling on a spot deep in the woods far away from everyone, right next to a small lake surrounded by a grove of trees like a white picket fence, protecting our friends from the harms of the outside world.

They began their day. Joints were lit and the boys talked, some vented about their girl troubles, Hal went on tangents about the need for music and art in society, while Conner strummed a small acoustic guitar, and Jack just got high and listened. He was paying attention to what his new friends were saying and taking all of their words and perspectives truly to heart. However, he wasn't in the conversation; he was not even looking at them when they passed him the joint. He was still lost in the awe that was before him; the shimmer of the lake, and the shine of the sun with its sweet reflection on the clouds in the sky, along with the circle and the bounty of the trees before him. Jack couldn't help losing himself in it for some reason.

Jack was amazed and lost in the beauty before him. It wasn't until Hal said something that he was shaken out of his nature coma.

"JACK!" yelped Hal with a smile. "You good over there bro? You haven't said anything for a while."

"I'm fine," Jack replied. "Just, you know..." Jack was too stoned to think of an eloquent response.

"Just lost in the forest, huh?" Hal completed with a smile and without hesitation.

Jack nodded, "Yeah. I don't know why, it's just so.."

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