That sad part

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As sassy let the axe dropped Icorise caught the axe from cutting her head off and eating her heart I flipped sassy over and flew up in the air with her holding her in my arms as I looked scanning for more angle Lloyds I looked down in there was one in a rusty house that looked like it was in a fire,I go down with sassy in the arms still as we got to the floor and I let go of sassy and kicked open the door " hey you can't just do that to the door you open it " said sassy nice " right come on sassy " I said quite I walked in sassy was right behind me and I heared a noise I looked over were the sound was coming from brass I hered him voice and the door had a crack I peeked in the crack and a saw that angle Lloyd " what is it " said sassy unfocused sassy was looking out a window " what's what sass" I said quite " well brass I have something to show you. I have wings and you don't so I am gonna make you my master okay brass " said the angle Lloyd " NO!" I said mad and punched the door down " you knock on the door Icorise remember " said sassy looking inside the room " oh so you must be the qween I see " said the angle Lloyd as she got up and walked over to sassy and hit her with a pocket nife and stabbed it right into her neck I grabbed the girls arm and flipped her over and putting the death qween and I fired the fire ball right in her heart as I grabbed sassy and flew to the house and put her on her bed and healed her neck but it went right back to all the blood " come on sassy.SAYA she's here some were " I said to my self

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