Febuary 16. 2044

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Today started like it usually does. Red woke up to the creepy sight as i was staring into his tired eyes. He did that awkward silent, "stair-down-morning-battle" he calls it.

12 thirty noon.We had plans a while back to head down Highway 331 to the beach and rent those little pedal karts. We wanted Erin to come with as well, a friend of Reds from his college a few years ago. She spent all day with us, even when Red decided to take a mad left and drive off the 6 inch curb into the parking lot. That was fun!

5pm.Red took me to Schandals Bistro on 43rd and Winston in the business district, sector 3. I love the high ceilings, jazz piano band in the middle and the victorian atmosphere the burgundy colored walls and tan ceilings give you. Plus i wore my black and teal vest tonight. The one with the black tie.

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