Chapter Two: Raymani's parents

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Ray Ray

I pulled the front door open, and she smiled at me.

"Hey." I smiled back.

She nodded. Then asked, "Where is she?"

"'Mani!" I yelled behind me, knowing that she'd hear me. "Yo' momma's here..."

Jonathan is staying an extra night because me and my wife's son, Rayan Jr, are going for laser tag and he wanted to come.

"Coooming!" She called from the top of the stairs. She ran up behind me, and squeezed by me. "Mommy!"

She attacked Jordyn around her waist, who just took it and chuckled. "Hi baby. Were you good for your daddy?"

"Yes." Raymani said, as her mom pulled back.

"Speakin' of which," I said, acting like she hurt me. "You gon' pretend that you forgot 'bout me?? That's alright. I got you."

She giggled, then turned to hug me as I went down to her level. I hugged her tight, knowing that I won't see her for a while.

"What did you do to her head, Ray?" Jordyn giggled.

I had braided 'Mani's hair the way I wear it, with two braids going back.

"I love that style," I smirked.

"I hate it," Jordyn said disgusted.

"Oh-(GCO)" I said, hurt. Did she always think that? Why does she hate me so much?

"Say goodbye, 'Mani." Jordyn cut me off, ignoring me.

"Bye, daddy." Raymani waved before skipping to Jordyn's SUV.

I waved back, then turned to Jordyn. "Soo..."

"So?" Jordyn rolled her eyes.

I sighed. "Why do you treat me like that, Jay?"

"Like what?" she said, innocently.

"Nevermind, man.... I miss you, Jay." I said.

"Rayan Lopez, get yo' a** in the kitchen, now!" I heard my wife say from behind me. Sh*t, I got caught.

Jordyn chuckled. "Sounds like your wife misses you. Give my best to the misses."

Then, she walked off of the porch and hopped into the passenger side seat.

I closed the door, and walked into the kitchen. "Hey, baby."

"Don't hey, baby me, n*gga." She rolled her eyes. "Yo' a** ain't low."

I exhaled, and leaned against the counter. She was cooking something for dinner on the stove.

I wonder, who was driving that car? Jordyn better not have my daughter around no n*ggas...

"Ray, did you hear me?"

"Huh?" I asked my wife.

"I said, why did you marry me if you still wanted her?" she asked, and really looked sad.

I sighed, and walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Her back was against my stomach, and I kissed her upper back and neck.

"I only love you Maresha." I whispered in her ear. "I only meant that I miss the way she used to act, before we grew up. Back when she was a sweet, giggly teenager. Now, she's just a rude b*tch."
"That's a fact." she mumbled.

"I know, ReRe." I cooed. "I know."

I got with Maresha because she was pretty and nice. But, I really wanted to make Jordyn jealous. But, that didn't work out so well.

I got ReRe pregnant, and married her because I didn't want our kid in the same predicament that Raymani is in. Having to go from house to house, not having a full family.

The biggest mistake I ever made was walking out.


This n*gga has the nerve to say that he misses me?! He wasn't missing me when he was cheating on me! When he got that b*tch pregnant. When he f*cking married her!!!

But, TBH I don't miss him anymore. I got someone new.

I stepped down the last stair, and walked over to my SUV passenger side.

"Hey, babe." I said when I hopped in. "I'm hungry as heck."

"When aren't you?" he laughed as we pulled out of the driveway.

"Don't try to play me, Chris." I said sternly, and he laughed again.

"Yes m'am!" He threw his hands up in mock surrender. Then, he looked in mirror at Raymani. "So, McDonald's it is?"

"Nope, I want Taco Bell." She began chanting Tacos! over and over, and I rolled my eyes.

I swear, I can't get away from Ray even when I leave.

"And when we get there, 'Mani," I said. "Come over to my door so we can take out them d*mn braids."


Short update!

Is Jordyn too bitchy? Or does she deserve to be?

Why did Ray marry Maresha and have kids with her instead of just fixing things with Jordyn?

Who's Chris? Did you guess?? (hint: these hos unfaithful)

-Jojo the Creator

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