2 Months Pregnant

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Leah woke up that morning with a smile on her face. Today was a big day. She was officially 2 months pregnant. She looked at her phone, like normal, and Aaren had called her more then 10 times. She called him back, he answered right away.

"Hey Leah, hope you slept good, because we're going out today"


"To eat"

"OH, I gotta ask my mom"

"ok, if she says yes then dont eat breafast."

"i know, imma ask her right now, hold on"



"I'm in the kitchen Leah"

"aye mom, can i go out to eat with Zabrina and her mom today?"

"Sure but, it looks like you're picking up some weight on your stomach Leah, don't eat too much":

"Yeah mom, about that, i found out last month"

"Found out what?"

"I'm pregnant"

"OMG!!! Leah, are you kidding me?"

"No, mom im sorry, i didnt mean to"

"You're only 13, this isn't for you."

"I know mom, im sorry. i'll take care of the baby."

"Who's the father of the baby?"

"I dont know."

"Leah, so you mean to tell me you've fucked that many boys you dont even know?"

"i just dont know, can i still go out with Zabrina?"

"Yeah Leah, when you come back, we gotta talk about it. What time will you be back?"

"I dont know"

"Well you need to find out"



"Yeah, what she say?"

"She said yeah, and i told her im pregnant"

"Did she ask who the dad?"

"Yeah, i said i didnt know"

"Thanks Leah"

"I'll be there in 30 mins."

"She wanted to know what time i'll be back"

"Around 6"


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