The Abduction

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The streets are empty. The city is quiet. The Slashers are coming. We call them that because the only weapons they carry are long sharp daggers and swords, but they occasionally have some guns. Every year these purgers who call themselves 'The Slashers', enter our small town and take 50 innocent children. They just take them.

After the War of 2100, the Government was annihilated, no one runs the country. So it's basically anarchy.

The children are taken to an island. The island is surrounded by endless miles of water so there's little hope in escaping. These kids aren't given any food, water, supplies, or weapons. The slashers come to hunt them down one by one, until one remains. All they have to do is stay alive; The Slashers are coming. And they come to kill.

We lock all the doors in my house. We board up all the windows. We secure the house. My name is Ardell, and I am a 17 year old girl. I have a mother, Staci, and a younger brother, Jack. I used to have a little sister but last year the Slashers took her to the island, so my family and I can't take any chances this year. Our house has to be complete impenetrable.

It's 10PM. May 7, 2143. The wind is howling and it rattles the entire house. They will be here any minute- well in our sector, sector 56. We're boarding up the houses is back windows when I hear a chilling scream from the house across the street. It's the 12 year old girl. Sarah. She'll never survive on the island. Soon her screams are muffled and the Slashers seem to be moving on. BAM! It sounds like someone's trying to break into our house. That's when I realize it's the slashers. The coming in through the basement windows. I knew we missed something. I rush what little family I have to hiding places. I hear loud heavy footsteps on the stairs. My mother and brother hide upstairs, while I take cover in the chest next to the main level window. The slashers are on the same floor as me. By now my heart is pounding out of my chest. I hold my breath just in case they might be close enough to hear me breath. And suddenly The top of the chest is open and there's a firm hand around my throat.

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