A/N ❤

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Hi. It's Itzy. Thanks for all the reads and votes and comments. I have been getting new followers, and new friends, and, Wattpad has been good to me. No. I am not saying goodbye. I am saying... well, I have to put this story on hold for now. I have school, a new collab, which is called My Lion, if you want to check it out to see my writing and suckhowells writing as well. I will be writing on this story when it is off hold. I love chu guys. I hope you agree with this decision. Life has not been good to me so far and this is what's holding me down. Parent's divorce, anxiety, panic attacks, getting behind in school. Ok. Love chu guys. Please follow me and f0rever_al0ne, MrsCakeHemmings, CrystalDew, MyChemicalPhans, and suckhowell. Bye.❤

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