From Mayor to Killer

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So... How was the first chapter? Welp, hope this one is better! Enjoy guys!

Stay Fabulous! ~Coolio

"This is so cool..."

I looked around the entrance in awe. It was beautiful! The gate had a centerpiece of the Smash Symbol as green vines decorated the gate, wrapping around the bars. Opening it, you could see a big water fountain, even bigger than the one I had assigned to be built back at home! There were two Mansions, one for the Assist Trophies and one for the Fighters. My smile faded a bit as I realized I won't be seeing Isabelle as much and I'm going to be rooming with strangers.

"Oh! It's almost past your meeting time! I have to go now! Bye Mayor!", Isabelle rushed towards the Mansion where she is supposed to go at while I went to mine. When I arrived I was greeted with many new faces. There was a Boxer, Woman in Yoga Gear, Princess with a little creature, Dog with a Duck, and many others. There was a sudden applaud as two hands came in to view. I obviously knew them as Master Hand and Crazy Hand, the founders of this competition. Everyone stared at them until Master Hand started to talk.

"Welcome! As you guys already know, you are the newest additions to our Smash Tournament! You also know me and Crazy, too. The other competitors, including the veterans, are about to visit soon and I would be very glad if you all would follow me to the Diner, as I will introduce all of you. We want to make it a surprise!", He said.

"I LOVE SURPRISES! They scare me! AND IT'S FUN!", Crazy Hand boomed, fingers twitching. Man, sometimes I'm scared of him more than tarantulas...

"Sorry about my brother", Master began. "Please follow me."

The doors opened in the Manor as lights from inside turned on. I walked with the strangers, following the Hands, looking at the interior. Everything had shine to it, the tables, ceiling, doors, everything! It fit really well, so much is might use it in future decorating. I'd have to ask Master Hand how they made the wood super shiny.

When we reached the diner, Master and Crazy rushed us behind the curtains, telling us to only walk on stage on cue. I decided to socialize with a few of the others to pass time, starting with the Yoga woman.

"Hello there! My name's Villager. Vil for short. Pleasure to meet you!", I greeted, big smile on my face. She looked over and gave a small smile.

"Hello Vil. Name's Wii Fit. Huh, you must work a lot to be able to be here. Be sure to stretch and take deep breaths!", she gave me a thumbs up and I smiled. Hey, I met someone new! I tried to meet everyone, but I didn't get to finish because Master Hand's voice boomed.

"Hello Everyone! It's a pleasure to see you all here! As you know, new people are coming!", He started.

I looked around and saw that I was the only one left.

"This competitor came from the small town of Smashville. He collects bugs, catches fish, and digs fossils! Meet the one and only Villager!", Master introduced as I ran on stage, giant smile on my face. I could imagine them cheering at the unexpected turn. A boy from a town, fighting?

This sort of happened.

There were a few claps here and there, some cheers, but other than that it was silent.

"Oh my god, this boy is gonna kill us all.", I heard Bowser say to Wario. "I bet everyone in his town is dead because of him...", he said back. My smile faltered and I walked offstage, head down, to the Newcomers seats and listened to Master Hand, face buried in my hand as Wii Fit pat my back.

"That is all! You all will have a week to adjust to your surroundings until the first match. Your Roommates are listed outside of the Diner so go look soon. You are all dismissed.", he said as everyone left, me lagging behind the rest to check the chart alone.

When I got there, I scanned for my name.

"Let's see...", I said, reading it carefully. "Ness and Toon Link, no... Peach and Mario, eww... Pac-Man and Samus, Nope- Ah! Here! Villager and Little Mac! 2nd floor, room 25!"

Who is Little Mac? I think I met him? I dunno. I went upstairs and found the room number as I entered. I looked inside and saw two keys, both for the dorm room. I took one and took a closer look around. Two beds, both on separate sides, lied next to a nightstand, a red computer sitting on it. Next to the nightstand was a mini blue fridge, containing a few sodas and water bottles.

There was a door near the entrance that led to the bathroom with a bathtub. Just before I began to unpack, I saw the boxer I saw near the Mansion enter with a piece of luggage.

"So you're Little Mac.", I said. He was taller than me by a foot. Not that little.

"And you're Villager", I heard him say as he pulled the luggage near his bed.

"Vil for short."

"Why did they have to pair me with the kid?"

I looked at him shocked. "Excuse me! What's that's supposed to mean?!", I asked.

"You don't look like a fighter", he stated bluntly, unpacking.

"I can assure you I fight."

"Humph.. fine. Tomorrow, we'll practice and see what you're worth", he said, putting his Boxing Gloves on the nightstand.

"Okay fine.", I took a cold water bottle from my fridge and took a sip. I jumped on my bed and lied on the soft bedding.

"Hey, Vil. Hate to ask you, but where's your luggage?", Little Mac asked looking at my direction.

Oh I forgot! I jumped off my bed and reached in my pocket, pulling out my clothes closet and setting it near the window.

"How did? But you-", Little Mac's face was comical.

"Special thing from my town. It's pretty neat, I know.", I explained to him, getting back in bed.

"Strange Kid..."

"Whatever! Just go to sleep!"

And with that, I turned off my lamp, drifting off to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow's small battle.

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