22:. Goodbye For Real This Time

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Vinn's POV

Avery dropped me off at the campus to go see if Hyun left anything before she went missing. I rushed through the halls, frantically searching and finding. I finally reached her dorm and her door was closed shut.

"Hyun! You in there?" I knocked on the door a couple of times and the door slowly creaked opened.

I looked around and her dorm was empty, completely empty. No small items that she could've forgotten, no textbooks or even regular books, just nothing.

I ran around the campus one more time and I was for sure that Hyun had left a while ago. I came outside disappointed and saw Avery inside his car.

"She's not here," I dropped the tone of my face." She's gone, Avery..."

"Mothe-" Avery banged his head against the steering wheel, causing the horn to beep suddenly." I think I'm done with all of this. After all these months, I looked for her and now I found her. She leaves. If she wants to disappear, then so be it."

"We can't stop looking for her!" I growled at him.

"It's too late, Vinn! She's already gone and I won't be surprised if she left the state already!" Avery lashed at me. "I'm going home..."

Avery swerved the car and sped towards the freeway. The whole way there was quiet and no one said a peep. I thought I could hear Avery crying under his breath, but every time I looked at him. He was okay. We reached his apartment.

"You can do whatever you want." Avery sighed." I don't care."

He slowly stepped up on the stairs and disappeared from my sight. I decided to sit myself down and watch some tv. I clicked the remote and the TV flickered with life. A news channel comes into vids and I guess it was huge since it was 'Breaking News'.

"Today at 6 pm, a woman committed suicide on the freeway last night." The news anchor announced." By investigating her backpack and such, we were able to find her identity, Hyun Sang."

"Hyun...no." I mumbled in shock." No no no no no no!"

I collapsed onto my knees and I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I think Avery saw that broadcast to since I heard him swallowing up his tears.

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