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(Your POV)

"What's wrong?" I asked my bestfriend Hannah.

"Nothing" she said and I rolled my eyes. She looked back up at me then she returned her attention to the book in front of her.

"I know it's something and here's your smoothie" I said sitting down in the chair handing her the strawberry and banana smoothie.

She took it quickly and began to drink it not saying one word. I sat there quietly staring at her, waiting for her to tell me.

"What?" she asked sitting her smoothie down and flipping the page of her book.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" I asked and she groaned.

"I went to checkout my book" she said holding it up for me to see and I nodded "And a guy almost knocked me over. All my stuff fell out of my hands and onto the floor. He apologized and said he was sorry, then he helped me pick my stuff up. After that I walked off. He came after me and asked what my name was" she paused.

"Did you tell him?" I asked and she shook her head "Why not?"

"I don't know, but I came back to the table. He followed me over here and apologized again for what happened. I cut him off saying it was fine and then I told him to leave me alone" she said glancing up at me before she continued to read her book.

"Hannah" I breathed "You could've at least answered his question"

"Yeah, then that'll lead to another question and that'll lead to even more questions" she said.

"He seems interested in you if he followed you all the way over here" I said.

"I don't care" she said and I frowned.

"Hannah it's been five months, come on" I said and she groaned.

"Ms. Claire" a familiar voice spoke and I looked to the side to see my boss.

"Mr. Mahone" I spoke stumbling to my feet.

"Whoa there" he said grabbing my hand stopping me from falling in my pumps. I blushed from the little contact between us two.

"Thanks" I said and he smiled.

"You look gorgeous by the way" he added and I raised an eyebrow before my cheeks turned red.

I looked down at my outfit. I wore my black sweater that had the words 'baby girl' written on it and a pair of high waist jeans. Then to top it off I wore my black high heeled boots. I looked back up to see the smile on his face.

"Thank you" I said and he looked over to his friend? I guess. Then as if on cue he spoke.

"I'm Robert" he said and I smiled.

"Hi" I said extending my hand and he placed his hand in mine giving it a firm shake.

"Robert this is my assistant Mia" Mr. Mahone said looking over at me.

"So you're the girl he talks about so much" he said and I looked up at my boss.

"I hope good things were said about me" I said and they both looked over at me.

"Oh trust me, very good things" he spoke and I giggled.

"Can I steal you for a minute?" he whispered in my ear and I nodded "If you'll excuse me for a second Robert"

"Go Ahead" he said.

(Robert's POV)

I looked over at Austin as he reached down grabbing her hand. She leaned over and grabbed her phone. As if on instinct I looked down at her ass. I heard him clear his throat loudly making me look back up at him and he mouthed the word "Mine" to me.

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