Chapter 5

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The next day Mizuki wasn't at school. I wonder where he is? I looked around to see if he was just skipping class but didn't see him anywhere.

"Shirooo, what's wrong?"

"Ah, Tooru."

Tooru Suzuki. He's my childhood friend and also at the top of the class with the best grades. He is really actually a soft guy but doesn't act like it.

"I'm fine. Just looking for Mizuki, he doesn't seem to be here today."

"Is that so?" He looked at me then turned his back to me.

"What's wrong Tooru?"

"I should have told you this before but Mizuki has a girlfriend."

Ah. A girlfriend. He lied to me then. I looked at the ground sadly.

"Ar...are you okay Shiro?" Tooru was staring at me sadly.

"I'm fine." I smiled but that smile was fake. I turned and walked away leaving the school grounds.

I decided not to return home and just went to the park. I stared at the sky and closed my eyes. I couldn't stop the tears from falling.


Surprised I opened my eyes to see Mizuki standing there. Noticing my tears Mizuki stared at me in surprise.

"Are you okay Shiro? Your crying."

"I'm fine." U sounded a bit ride but I didn't care.

"It doesn't seem like nothing." He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Ahh, I've done it. He knows I'm pissed off. I slapped his hand off my shoulder and backed up a bit.

"Did I do something to make you angry?"

"Its nothing, just forget it."

"I'm not going to. Tell me. Is it because I confessed to you yesterday?"

"With no real meaning behind it. You lied to me, made me believe in something that wasn't even real." I looked down as the tears fell.

"What are you talking about? I never lied to you! I meant everything I said. I really do love you Shiro."

"You say that but you don't mean it."

"I mean it." Mizuki walked over to me, grabbed my wrists, and kissed me. I started to resist.

"Let me go! You already have a girlfriend. It's wrong to cheat on others."

" that's what's bothering you. Shiro I'm not dating her, she broke up with me."

"I don't believe you." I finally broke free and ran away.

"Shiro, wait!" Mizuki started to run after me but I didn't dare look back now.

[Hey guys! Jeez these are the shortest chapters ever. If I could go back and fix them I would but this how the original one was and I need to make sure its the same. I'm going to try to update this story more since I've been dying to write in it. I really hope you guys bear with me while I try to get this book back to its spot. Thank you for the support and for your unstanding. If you have ideas for this book or my others please tell me. Stay Awesome!


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