(Joe's POV)

"Zoë, what if they don't like me?" Joe said, nibbling his bottom lip.

"Joe, they'll love you," Zoë smiled.

"Are you sure?"


"Right, lets get this over with," I said, sitting down on my bed.

Zoë and I had spent the last few hours making a youtube channel. For me. We had decided to not write a script as Zoë said it'd be better for me to just be fully truthful with them. I took a deep breath and looked at the camera;

"Hey guys."


"That was so good!" Zoë grinned, hugging me.

"Thank you for helping me! I would never have done it otherwise," I admitted.

"No problem," Zoë said, ruffling my hair before taking everything across to her room. I grabbed my phone off my desk and dialed Caspar's number.

"Hey!" Caspar answered.

"Hey, can you come round to ours now?" I asked.

"Of course, I'll be there soon," He promised, hanging up. I put my phone back down and sat down on my desk chair. I went onto my laptop and watched a few videos, mainly Caspars, to try and ease myself into the idea of it. I wondered what it would like to be one of the people watching this who might not meet the people they devote their lives to and look up to. It's kind of sad to think about sometimes. What if I'd been one of those people?


"Guess who?" Caspar laughed, opening my bedroom door.

"Hey!" I smiled, walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around him and Caspar kissed the top of my head.

"Zoë told me about the channel," Caspar grinned.

"I was kind of hoping to take my mind off that," I laughed, nibbling on my bottom lip.

"Why?" Caspar asked.

"Because I'm scared they won't like me."

"Joe," Caspar said seriously. "They'll love you."

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