Sex aint better than love

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Then he hit me. I came back to reality and knew that this was a mistake..

"You hit me.."

"Bey I already explained to you what happened?"

"No you beat me."

"Baby I told you I was drunk and angry. I would never hurt you intentionally. I came to visit you in the hospital everyday..I love you bey. For better or for worse."

I smiled and let Michale embrace me. I figured I shouldn't meet up with Shawn and just wait until some other time. I texted him and let him know.

I didn't know what to do today.  I decoded that today I'd go explore and see what I've been missing. I walked around the city and went into a couple shops. I bought a whole bunch of shit. Clothes, jewelry, and some nice ass heels. I was too turnt. Now I'm not really supposed to be out alone because my doctor said something about my head and yadda yadda so I kept my little shopping spree short and headed back home.

When I walked in I smelt the aroma of chicken and potato soup. That shit is so good. It has cheese and onion with green peppers. It sounds a little nasty but its not. I went into the kitchen and I saw my baby standing there cooking. He looked so handsome. I came up behind him and gave him and kiss on the neck.

"E, let me finish cooking baby."


Michael whipped around and said "what?"

"You called me E.."

"No I called you B.."

"Michael I heard you" I couldn't believe he's trying to lie to my face.

"Baby trust me I said B. You know the two letters sound alike just chill." He cracked a smile and grabbed my hands.

The two letters do sound alike.  I just need to stop being so paranoid. I know Michael wouldn't screw me over.

"The food looks good baby."

"Just like you"

"I want to eat.".

"Me too."

"Want me to make your plate."

"Baby you are my plate."

Michael picked me up and I screamed.

"Baby" I yelled "you can't eat dessert yet. Wait " I continued to giggle as he carried me to our bedroom.

"Its Ok. I'll save some for later."

"MICHAEL" I screamed as he threw me on our California kind sized bed. I pit my hands about me head and watched him. He looked like a lion getting ready to pounce on his prey. I was ready too ready. I can't remember the last time we did it. He climbed on top of me and began to kiss on my neck. He worked his way down until he got to my pants. He started to work at the button while I waited.

Then I heard my phone ring. I glanced over and saw it was Shawn. When I went to lean over Michael stopped me.

"Baby no don't answer."

"Michael, I need to."

"Who is it? "


"Bey tell me who it is."

"Don't worry about it"

Michael got up from off me and grabbed my phone. It said Surfboart was calling and I knew he thought the wrong thing.


"Its Shawn and no. And don't you call me out my name again."


"Mike its nothing. Relax. He's probably just calling to see why I cancelled this morning."

"Fuck that. Imma handle it."





I stayed silent for a minute while I mean mugged him.

"That's what I thought."

Michael proceeded to answer the phone and began to tell Shawn off.I don't play about Shawn. Me and him are close. I open up to him about a lot. Now I don't remember everything about us but I've remembered quite a bit since I've been out the hospital. I even remembered the whole Surfboart situation. I visualized it. See at the hospital It didn't click for me how much Shawn and I actually had together. I knew him as a friend nothing more. Then I remembered the things we did and said. I learned more throughout the day when I went into particular stores or saw something. I had a flashback of some sort. Shit it made me realize i miss him and i want to hang with him. That's why i had texted him when i was at the mall so we could meet up tonight. I needed to talk so Michael wouldn't find out. I didn't need another argument coming my way.I grabbed the phone from Michael and began talking to Shawn.

"Shawn look I'm sorry about Michael and cancelling. Its been alot going on."

"Its fine. We still on for tonight?"

"Yea ill--"

Michael snatched the phone from my ear and hung up.  He threw my phone at the wall and I backed up. He was screaming and cursing. I backed into the corner and listened to him. Once again I saw him at his worse and it wasn't looking to good for me

Shawn PoV

I heard the phone click off and got worried. What if something happened? Damn, should I go? I decided to go and see what was up.

I arrived at beys place around 8 and I knocked. Nobody came to the door so I kept knocking. I got the spare key bey gave me. Yup I'm special. I walked in and it was quiet. I walked closer and heard bey moaning. The bedroom door was open and Michael was on top for her. He was fucking her like no tomorrow. I was pissed. I know me and bey aren't together but still that shit got to me. I don't want anyone else with her but me. I walked out the loft and headed back home.

It was 10 when I got back home. Jerome was sleep which I'm glad. He's still acting out. I was going to see if bey could talk to him but fuck that.  Its over now. I'm done with her ass. The only communication me and her need to have is about my son at school only. If she wants to fuck around and be with ole dude, go ahead. But she better not come running to me when he breaks her heart again...


There will be more updates in the near future.  What do you guys think about bey and Michael getting it on again? Poor Shawn he really doesn't deserve that. Bruh, is Michael crazy or Nah?

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