I'm In love With My Step Brother{Part 12}

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Next Morning

Princeton~(Do hygiene)She's still sleeping?(pull the curtains open) rise and shine sleeping beauty

Yn~(Moan)Princeton you know I'm not a morning person

Princeton~(look @ clock)Actually sweetie it's 2:59 pm

Yn~stop playing I don't ever sleep that long

Princeton~looks like you did today I guess you were exhausted from whatever

Yn~ can I use your shower?

Princeton~you know where the bathroom at help ya self

Yn~ok I'll be out in like 20 minutes


Yn~(walk in the bathroom)

Princeton ~(get a call)Hello?

Prodigy~yeah nigga did you eat my chicken?

Princeton ~oohh yeah sorry(lying)

Prodigy~what?why the fuck you do that?you know I was dreaming all night about that chicken.when I see you you're a dead man

Princeton~(chuckle)calm down I'm just kidding chicken addict.You can come on over to pick it up

Prodigy~(take a breath of relief)nigga don't play like that you know chicken is life✊🏾

Princeton ~i know that's why I had to tell you I ate it.Ya reactions when your chicken is being eaten is always funny

Prodigy~haha real funny but I got you though

Princeton~we'll see about that(hang up)


Yn~so what are you doing today?(sit on bed)

Princeton~i don't even know I probably just go to the movies

Yn~by yourself?

Princeton~i guess

Yn~that's really boring

Princeton~well if you think it's boring of me to go by myself then how about you go with me?

Yn~i would go but Chresanto wants to hang out today

Princeton ~oh I see


Princeton~(fake smile)it's cool I'll just you know go by myself no big deal


Princeton~(go answer door)wassup?

Prodigy~yeah,yeah wassup?where my chicken at?

Princeton~um the kitchen

Prodigy~(push pass him)


Prodigy ~(warm up chicken)

Yn~(come downstairs)hey prodigy

Prodigy~wassup ?

Yn~nothing cooling it

Prodigy~that's wassup(take a bite)mmm this is some good ass chicken where ya momma at?

Princeton~at work

Prodigy~well when she come home tell her I said this chicken was good as fuck and thanks

Princeton ~i gotchu

Prodigy~ard man,aye do y'all got some hot sauce?

Princeton~yeah in the cabinet

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