15. No Regrets.

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-Paul's POV-

Before I knew it, Danny had already swung his fist across Vic's face. Vic looked straight back at Danny in pure shock for a few moments, taking in what just occurred. An evil smile grew across his face. It was as if time stood still. We all stood in a circle, around the scrapping people, mouths agape.

That's when Victor clicked back into reality. He leapt forward with great strength and pounced on top of Danny, grabbing his hair and dragging him around the mall floor like a rag doll.

"You're a mere 17 year old boy and you have the cheek to hit me? Ever heard about respecting your elders?!" Vic scolded.

"Yeah actually I have, but no one says about respecting woman beaters did they?" Danny shot back at him. I was completely stunned at what Danny had just said, he's usually dumb when it comes to insults.

Vic dragged him round the floor once more when Danny had a rush of strength and pushed Vic onto his back. Danny sat on top of hit, holding him down by his neck, slapping and punching him in the face, hit after hit. Its like he took all the anger and stress he had stored up over the years he'd lived, and poured it all into hitting this bastard.

Lucy tried getting in the middle of them, and splitting them apart. I swooped forward and pulled her back, as I did with Martha.

"Let them get on with it. Danny needs to let his anger out on him." I told them.

The tears were running down Martha's face, turning her face a worried shade of red.  You could tell she was genuinely concerned for Danny's safety. She knew what Vic was capable of, unlike us. We were blind to the situation. But then again, we knew what Danny was capable of. He may look harmless and cute, but his darker side tells a completely different story.

You could say the same for Vic too though, he wasn't very big built, but he had toned muscles, and he was stronger than he looked.

After Danny had finished hitting Vic, we saw blood run down his face. Danny had broke Vic's nose. Danny had a cut lip and a split eyebrow as well. By then some people had already called security and they were running over to adress the situation. Danny stood up and pointed at Vic, who was lying on the floor, in disgust.

"Get rid of that. If I see him again, I'll more than likely kill him." Were Danny's last words before he grabbed Martha and walked off.


Hiyo. Sorry its a really short chapter, I have no ideas yet because I kinda stopped writing this book, but some people commented that they wanted me to continue with it. So I'm going to now. So give me some time to think of ideas, then I'll update again :) ok little bumchums.


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