Selena's POV

"Guess who's coming here for a concert here at school?" Riley squeals as she runs towards us as she walks through the door.

"Justin Bieber!" Melissa guesses as I tense up on his name. She notices it as well. "Sorry. Sometimes I forget you dated him"

"No you idiot. One Direction! They're coming here" She squeals once again. One Direction? Great. Just great.

"When are they coming?" I spoke for the first time since Riley got here.

"Well if you see a big mob then I think you know when they're here"

"You mean like now" I point towards the front doors that is now mobbed with screaming girls and what not. I look at Riley and she nods. I give the a wave as I go for the bathroom. Once I reach the bathroom I pull out my make up bag. This morning I woke up late so I only got time to do my hair not my make up so I'm doing it right now. Putting the last coat of mascara I clean up my stuff and shove everything in my bag again. I walk out of the bathroom and walk towards the girls as I'm fixing my purse. The girls giggle at something. Wait giggle?! No they only giggle when they're trying to impress someone. I don't hear anything as I lift up my head. As my head lifts I meet a pair of green eyes that I know very well who they belong to.

"Harry!" I squeal as I jump into his arms. He catches me and hugs me tightly. Me and Harry used to be super close up to the point where we labeled each other brother and sister. One day he told me he would fly to the UK to audition for the X Factor so he did. He said he would contact me everyday but he never did and left me disappointed. He was 16 when he left so about 2 years ago. I haven't thought about Harry in 2 years. And now I'm hugging the one person I missed so much.

"Hey sellybear" Harry says in my ear. He puts me down and I look at the other boys. I give them a warm smile.

"What are you doing here?" I ask Harry still surprised that he really is here.

"We have a concert to do duh" He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh shut it" I roll my eyes. The bell rang and everyone started heading towards class.

"Well damn. The bell rung and we have to get to class" Cassie pointed out. Melissa let out a groan and Riley did the same. I, on the other hand, just left. I hear footsteps behind me but ignore it.

"So your gonna ignore me" The british accent that drew me to him in the first place said. My back still faced towards him.

"No. But I have a class to get to and I'm already late" I said. Even thought when I hugged him earlier, I'm still upset that he never even bothered to contact me what so ever. But I don't think he knows that yet. I have no clue.

"Are you mad at me?"

Yes "No"

"You're a horrible liar. Selena, your like my sister. I know that you are a horrible liar. I know for a fact that you're mad at me" He stated. And it's true, Harry does know me like from the back of his hand and I know him from the back of my hand. He may look different but I feel like he's still the same Harry he was 2 years ago. Not only that but Harry was my first time before he left.

"So what if I am mad?" I asked looking directly at him. I really do hope he remembers that he forgot about me and feels guilty afterwards.

"Why are you mad at me?" His green piercing eyes looking directly in my shitty brown eyes.

"I'm mad at you because every since you left two tears ago, you never bothered to call. You even said that you would. I waited for a cal or message but I never go one. After a year of waiting, I've decided to just forget about you. I knew from the moment you left, we would never be the same again" I said tears streaming down my face. I walked away leaving Harry speechless. I got in my car and drive home.

Once I got home, I grabbed my phone and dialed Austin's number. After 2 rings, he finally picked up.

"Hello?" He answered through the phone.

"Hey, haven't talked in sometime" I slightly chuckled. He laughed through the phone as my heart started to pick up its pace.

"Yeah, I though you were dead" He laughed at the joke. I started laughed.

"So I was thinking maybe you could come to Miami again" I said looking at the ground.

"Why? Are you hurt?" He started bombing me with questions. I started laughing on how overprotected he is, though he shouldn't really. We aren't dating anymore.

"No, I just thought I needed some guy company. I love the girls and all but having you and the boys around would feel nice" I said looking at the ground yet again.

"Yeah, but apparently I can't" He sighed through the phone. I made a pouty face even though he can't see me.

"Why?" I said through the phone.

"I have state tests to do" He said as I heard papers crumpling.

"Can't you like do them when you get back?" I asked knewing his answer. I had state testing as well, but I want him here.

"Sorry, I can't. If I do miss them, then I might not get into the job I want to get in" He said. There was a knock on the door. The door opened and I saw a strip of brown long straight hair. Chloe came in and sat down on my bed.

"Harry told me you were mad at him" She said looking at me as I looked at the ground.

"So? What I said to him was all true" I snapped now looking at her.

"I know but you two are like brothers and sisters. You guys know each other from the back of your hand. You guys had so much memories together since you guys were little. Do you really whant to throw all that away because he never contacted you in the past two years?" She asked. She was right.

Do I want to throw everything away? Even though she's right I won't admit it.

"I don't really care. He promised that he would call. Promised. Chloe. He fucking promised! You know what he did? He broke that promise. I have pretended that I don't miss him. In reality I have so damn much. I would go through old memories and after that I would cry myself to sleep. I tell myself. Why did he promise when he didn't keep it?  I tried calling him. not once did he pick up. He hurt me badly Chloe. Maybe that's why I dated Austin. To forget about Harry. Not only did I end up liking Austin, I ended up loving him so much" I broke down right then and there. Tears constantly running down my face. Chloe put something in my hand. I looked down ad saw my phone. The call with Austin was still on.

I got off the floor and opened the door. Once the door opened a fluff of curly hair went down to the floor. There layed, Harry damn styles. I rolled my eyes and went to my parents room. I put the phone on my ear again. I then sighed.

"You heard everything, didn't you?" I said pinching the bridge of my nose. My voice craked a bit.

"Yeah..." He said.

"I just wish he didn't have to do this at all" I said telling the truth.

"Even though I didn't know him, I also wished he didn't either" He said laughing at bit. I actually smiled.


Going to L.A. tonight. So excited. Also Austin has two more days until he's 19. *cue the tears*

Xoxo Ash

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