Chapter 7- sarah's pov

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Brayden walked up and punched Mitch in the gut. Emily walked over, put her hands on her hips and stared at me. I once again started to laugh. She just looked so funny standing in front of me in Brayden's oversized shirt.


I dragged Emily out of the room and into the bathroom were I locked the door.


"Talk about what. How I feel after you scared the shit out of me."

"No, talk about what your wearing and what happened last night!"

"Obviously I wearing Brayden's shirt and why should I tell you what happened last night. Stay out of my business!" With that Emily opened the door and slammed it behind her. I heard he run down the stairs and slam the door as she left. I sat down on the floor and broke out into tears. I cried and cried. "What just happened." I whispered to myself.

It felt like hours but it actually was about thirty minutes until Mitch came in. He walked over to me and picked my up like I was a little kid. I wrapped my legs around him and we walked out of the bathroom and out the back door to his car. He sat me in the passenger side seat and buckled me in. He then got in the drivers seat and backed out of Brayden's driveway.

Mitch pulled into his driveway, got out of the car and came over to pick me up again. It appeared like no one was home. He took me inside and upstairs to his bed room. He later me down on his bed, covered me up, kissed me forehead and said he would be right back.

MITCH'S POV-----------------------------

After Emily left and Sarah didn't come out if the bathroom, I went in and saw that she had been crying. I picked her up, no questions asked, and drove her to my house. I put her in my room and went downstairs to make ice cream sundaes. When I returned I gave her her ice cream and sat down next to her. Once we both had finished our sundaes I let her cry again. She put her head in my chest. I put my arms around her and just layed there letting her cry it a out. A little while later I realized she had fallen asleep. I smiled and kissed her forehead again. "She is so beautiful."
<Hey guys! I don't have a lot to say but this weekend has been okay. Not the best and not the worst. Anyway I hope you guys liked this chapter. If not tell me how I can improve. Love you all. xoxo- ky:)>

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