Chapter 4 continued

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When I entered the cave I saw a dim light ahead. 'Must be lava',I thought. I scraped a wood log against the wall of the cave. It caught on fire so I had a torch. I kept going to see if I could find anything. I held the torch above my head. Coal! It may seem like nothing,but to me it is a treasure( I'm running low on coal anyways). I quickly mined it.

An hour later

"Whoo! Glad that's over." I said lugging my bag filled with heavy ores. I was struggling to stay standing but luckily,I made it to my hole in the ground where I store stuff. I made a chest for each ore. "Let's see....23 coal,2 redstone,18 iron,and 35 lapis lazuli." I mumbled to myself. No diamonds unfortunately. I will need them if I am supposed to save this world.

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