koln, germany

Loud music is booming throw the room, the hypnotic rhythm leading my movements. I'm dancing in the middle of the dance floor with violet by my side. I have never felt so free in my life. No worries no place to be, no responsibilities, no mother who judges my every move.

I could finally be myself with no need to match anybodies expectations. I am wearing a gold strapless dress which reached mid thigh, it is tight and very revealing. Hardly the appropriate appeal for a CEO. But guess what? I don't care. Vi seems to have fun dancing with some Spanish guy but i prefer to dance by myself, more time to find the perfect victim.

Chili powder is lying securely in my bag as well as some whipped cream and an unwashable pen.

Some people might think i got mental but it's my first and probably last time pulling a prank so why not make it memorable.

I was looking throw the crowd for a victim when suddenly a pair of strong arms enveloped me from behind. I spun quickly around only to find myself in a complete strangers arms. The man is probably in his late twenties blond hair, blue eyes. Maybe some might find him attractive, as for me he was nothing special. I smiled at him, perfect.

I danced rather provocatively around him showing as much confidence as i could master, only to make him invite me to his table, and that's exactly what he did.

"To be completely honest with you my friends dared me to try and bring you to our table so i'd appreciate it very much if you'd come" he almost pleaded with his eyes when he made that little speech. Such a typical playboy act, make her believe you're a softy and she'll fall right at your feet. Pathetic.

Nevertheless i smiled, took Vi away from her groping stick and went after him to his table.

Imagine mine and violets surprise when at the head of the table sat Mr.poor guy from yesterday's spa trip. He was grinning at us while offering a seat. It couldn't have turned out better i thought evilly. Violetta seemed to read my mind because she was desperately trying to stiffly her laugh.

Suddenly the guy from yesterday started to speak "hey girls ... Or should i say people? Anyway what are your names?" i looked at him impatiently not in the mood for a chitchat "i'm Lina that's Violetta why don't you two go and get us a drink?" i smiled sweetly at them. They nodded and went away.

The moment their backs were turned to me i got the chili powder from my purse and i put some in each of their glasses. Meanwhile Vi poured whipped cream on two plates and we waited for them to come back desperately trying not to laugh. The plates are on the floor so only when we  decide to strike the'll have a big surprise coming.

When they came back i noticed to my utter disappointment they brought new drinks for themselves as well, and they won't be tasting my delicious cocktail. I tried really hard to cover up my disappointment but it didn't seem to fool them. The guy from yesterday, whom i still don't no the name of, asked me "hey bunny, what's wrong?"

For a moment there i actually thought he knew what i planned for them but i immediately declined that idea, that was impossible. I smiled at him "nothing, i just had this awful day at work and I'd like to drink it away "

He looked at at me and Vi and suddenly a victorious grin stretched across his face. The idiot probably thought i wanted to sleep with him, just like that. As the hours passed the guys got drunker and i, well got a little tipsy. At this point of the night we discovered their names are Dylan and Chad. Dylan is the spa manager and Chad is a lawyer. My two amazing cocktails are still sitting on the table waiting to be drinked.

At some point i just got tired of the two males and i told to Chad "baby can you please take of your shirt?" he looked at me confused throw his wasted state and slurred out the words "but whyyy?"

I looked at him sternly and said "i just want to see what present i am going to get tonight"

That answer seemed to satisfy him as he immediately took of his shirt and surprisingly Dylan did the same without even being asked to do so. Oh boy, the magic of alcohol.

I laid Chad on the couch and i straddle him making sure to grind me hips on his to distract him from the pen i was taking out from my bag. I licked his lower lip to tease him and i moved my hands along his abs which were quite impressive but nowhere near Chases.

I stopped my movements short as i realized what i was thinking. I just compared him to Chase i thought in horror damn him, he was just a guy a fairly gorgeous one but still i can't let myself get attached. I forced myself to kiss him, anything to distract myself from Chase.

I started to write in bold words on his belly while grinding myself on him. He didn't even open his eyes when i connected the pen with his skin. I rolled my eyes at that, unbelievable.  Violet did the same to Dylan and we both started to laugh hysterically i mean come on!! Their eyes were closed for god sakes! Then we both stood up and counted to ten. Both guys looked at us with confused expression but we only laughed at them.











The moment we finished counting we threw the plates with the cream Straight to their faces. The guys screeched! They freaking screeched and stood up with wide eyes. Though that wasn't the hilarious part, from our hot encounter they both became thirsty so they downed the two remaining glasses on the table in one go.

It all started with their faces turning a deep shade of red. Which wasn't really hard to see even though they were covered in cream. Then they started coughing wildly causing the cream to fall from their faces to the floor. Violet and i were rolling on the floor pissing ourselves laughing tears rolling down our faces. My stomach started to hurt from to much laughing, the two boys still didn't recover from their coughing fit. I knew that once they stable themselves our punishment would come so i grabbed Vi by her hand and we ran to my car.
I started the car and we drove away leaving two drunk unsatisfied men behind.

We drove for some time until Vi decided we needed some music. It's good i thought about the fact i had to drive us to the hotel and didn't drink much, otherwise i would have been in some deep trouble if cops pulled me over. We sang at the top of our lungs "cuz i new you were trouble when you walked in"
And Vi sang "so shame on me now"

A car horn sounded, the windshield broke into tiny little pieces and everything went black.



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