Chapter 10: A Very Long Talk

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Chapter 10: A Very Long Talk

I got dressed in a black tank top underneath blue flannel shirt which I had just enough buttons unbuttoned so I could have one side hang over my shoulder to give off a lazy, uncaring yet sexy look. I simply wore leggings instead of pants with this because leggings were better and the flannel was huge on me so it reached my thighs. Also, because they were leggings, my butt stood out even more, and was more free [which felt good as hell]. I topped this off with my black combat boots.

This was a different look than I usually go with, it’s more laid back and pretty hot at the same time. It didn’t even take me very long to get ready either.

For my hair, I detangled it, but didn’t straighten it and left it in it’s naturally curly state, to make it look messy in a cute way-and add to the lazy look. And the dark red made it look even hotter for some reason. I only put on eyeliner [winged out, of course] and a bit of lip gloss to make my lips look more tempting.

I walked out with the intention of making Derek see what he could have, and having a real talk with him. I honestly don’t even know how this is gonna go, and I have a few butterflies in my stomach.

Although, if I said I was nervous I’d be lying. For some reason I’m not anxious or nervous about what’s going to happen, even if it goes bad. I’ve never gotten very anxious about much. I don’t even know, I guess it’s just how I am, I’ll go with the flow- even if I don’t like where the flow ise flow is going.

I walked out and got to Derek’s house pretty quickly.

When I knocked on his door, some ratchet girl answered. She had really ghetto neon red hair, green lipstick, and her hair was all over the place. Who the hell is she? Good lord I really hope Derek did not go for such a downgrade…

“Who is you?” She asked and that grammar made my soul hurt a bit.

“Uhhm, who are you?” I questioned her right back.

“Are you another one of Derek’s little hoes? I’m his sista.” Did she really just insult me like that?

'Okay. I’m Derek’s friend. Emphasis on the friend. And you don’t look like him.” I said calmly, but I was annoyed at looking at this horrid-looking girl and at the fact that I’m still standing outside and she hasn’t let me in.

I heard footsteps and then Derek opened the door wider and was standing next to her. He took me in with desire and something else I couldn’t identify in his eyes. He seemed a bit stunned by my appearance and I smirked at his reaction.

“Hey Cami, uh, come in.” He said and gave a discreet dirty look to his ‘sister’.

I went inside with him and we walked up the stairs to his room after I greeted his mom with a polite hello. When we got inside, he was just staring at me. Damn I didn’t think I looked this good.

“Wow Cami. You’re…..gorgeous.” When he said that my heart just skipped a beat and my stomach got more butterflies.

“Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” I winked in a cheesy way and he laughed.

“So what’s up?” He asked.

“Nothing. Why’d you want me to come over?” I answered and then asked him, biting my lip.

Instead of answering me he just walked closer to me from his spot at the door, and looked at me with a strange look in his eyes.

I just backed up but it wasn’t such a good idea because I wound up backing up into the bed and he decided to nudge me so that I fell on my back on the bed. Great. He leaned over me, his knees around my hips and looked down at me with a predatory gaze. I’m in trouble now.

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