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If only it was the typical saturday morning of my, lets just say, fabulous life. Unfortunatley i was awoken by my younger sister screaming down my ear lobe.

"WAKE UP KATE, FUCK SAKE!". Wow, the wonderful atmosphere she sets for me to start off my day is truely... wonderful. Im kate by the way and the twat screaming at me is my younger sister Emily. Well, i say younger but its only by one year and i say sister yet were completely different. Apart from similar facial features here and there. Emily is 16 and i, lucky, am 17. Me and Emily both live with our mum in London but im currently looking for work and a place of my own.

"EMILY SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OUT OF MY GOD DAMN ROOM" Emily wants me up and out the house in about 2 hours so we can go to a janoskian concert which doesnt start until 7pm, its currently 10am. How is that remotely fair? She was supposed to be going with a friend but they called and apologised since she cant make it because she will not stop being sick. Emily is a bit pissed off about it but im sure she doesnt want to go see her idols with a friend who could be sick on them. So thats were i step in and im going instead of her friend, greatttt.

Since the concert was in London it wasnt that much of a journey for us. I think its something called 'JanoFest' but i could be wrong. Emily was wearing a black janoskian t-shirt that she got from there world tour, black jeans and black and white roche runs. And i am wearing a black high neck crop top with a gold and black choker, high waisted topshop black jeans and my gold, black and gold booties with a army green bomber jacket. As you can clearly tell, im the more stylish one.

I applied my foundation, bronzer and then applied mascara to my hazel eyes and straightened my long brunette hair. You know the usual. As i walked down the stairs i saw an impatient Emily with 2 tickets in her hand for the concert (best seats) and for the meet and greet. We said our goodbye to our mum and we were out the door.

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