Part Six

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I stopped and glanced... what a beautiful woman. She had curly brown hair. That is what I like in a woman, someone with curly hair.  Jermaine knew something was up."Oh no, Mike. Whatever you do, please dont say that you are Michael Jackson.  All of Disneyland will go absolutely crazy if they heard that" Jermaine said.  I understand where he is coming from. " Ill be right back" I said.  Jermaine couldn't believe it.  "Okay, but remember what I just told you.  Dont tell her your real identity" Jermaine said.  I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.  I walked up to this beautiful girl." Hey. Im Mike.  Whats your name?" I asked. She couldn't believe it.  She looked so startled.  "Are you Michael Jackson?" She asked, nervous.  "Yes I am Michael Jackson but please don't freak out" I said.  "OH MY GOD!  ITS MICHAEL JACKSON!"she screamed. Everyone in Disneyland stopped and looked." Here's my phone number" I said.  Me and Jermaine ran for our lives. "What did I tell you? Not to say you were Michael" Jermaine said.  "I didn't Jermaine.  She probably noticed me" I said.  We kept on running until we reached Disneylands exit.  We breathed a sigh of relief.  "That was a close one"I said.

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