Chapter 12: Confession! Daughter of Evil

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Before the story starts, I just want to say......... THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

Ciel: *rubs ear* was that really necessary? I'm pretty sure I'm deaf in this ear now!

Me: shut it pirate! Anyways! I seriously never thought that this story would be so popular! Over 3 thousand reads!!! I'm so happy!! TT^TT

Sebastian: I didn't think you'd get any more than 50 reads.

Me: No need to be rude Tailcoat! Any who! You guys are all amazing, and wonderful, and above all, AWESOME!!!

Ciel: *mumbles* unlike someone I know.

Me: *glares at him* PAlease! I'm FABulous! *anime sparkles everywhere and has Sun glasses on*

Sebastian: you're forgetting something.

Me: Oh! Right! Thanks Tailcoat!

Sebastian: -_-

Me: I do not own black butler!!!.... Probably should've put that disclaimer in the first few chapters huh?

Ciel: ya think?


Sebastian&Ciel: *rub their ears*


A bright light suddenly shone in your eyes, waking you from your peaceful slumber. You groaned and pulled the blankets over your head, only to have them yanked off by a certain demon butler.

"Leave me alone!" you yell, throwing a pillow at him before putting another one over your head.

Your response was him simply pulling the pillow off your head,"is there like a rule in this house? Where the guests aren't allowed to sleep in?!"

"Miss (Y/n), it is 10 in the morning."

"Why so early?! I always sleep in till 12!"

Sebastian sighs and goes to your closet, taking out a corset and dress, "the young master gas a case to do, you shall accompany him." he says.

"What exactly is the case?" you ask peeping your head from under the pillow, you were interested.

"Children have been going missing in the same towns that the Noah's ark circus have traveled to. Her majesty want us to investigate."

So it was THAT case! You loved that case!... Mostly because you found a little out a little more about Ciel's past, and the fact that he had asthma.

"So tell me, where did you go last night?"

You tense, "Whatever do you mean? After that little... Scene... In the kitchen I came here and fell asleep."

"You're a horrible liar." he whispers in your ear, taking you by surprise.

You scream in shock and fall of the bed, hitting your wings, "ow! Ow, Ow, ow..." you whimper.

"Oh dear, do you enjoy not being able to fly?"

"Shut up tail coat! Get out so I can change!"

"As you wish, I will be right outside if you require any assistance."

As he closes the door, you take the corset, walk outside to the balcony and dropped it with the other 3 corsets hidden in the bushes. You go back inside and look at the dress, it was all black, Which you liked, with lots of frills and a bow on the front. (Pic) you cut a 'V' in the back for your wings then put it on. You put an overcoat on, seeing as it was practically snowing outside. It made you wonder if Mayleigh and the others were alright, you did give them blankets, but it looked like it was going to rain tonight... Maybe you build some kind of shelter out of the junk in the alleyway? You'll think of something later.

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