Chapter 21: Welcome Home

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Tally P.O.V
3 months later

Me and Ronnie walked threw the door. "Were backkk" We yelled.

Ronnie laughed. I giggled. My mom ran down the stairs. " Mom" I said.

I ran over to her and gave her a hug. She hugged me back. Then she let go of me and hugged Ronnie. She gave him a kiss that turned into a make. " Um you know I'm still um here " I said.

They didn't listen. I groaned and went upstairs to my Room. I plugged my phone into my speakers and America By Motionless in white started blasting. I unpacked my clothes. When I was finished I laid on my bed with Ej. We cuddled and I could hear moans from next door. I banged on the wall. " Hey shut up I can't hear my music" I yelled.

But no being the jackasses they are they went louder. I went over to my laptop and grabbed it. I laid back down next to Ej. "Let's Skype Ricky"I said.

I skyped Ricky and waited for him to pick up. He picked up on the  third ring. " Hey" Ricky said.

"Oh fuck Ronnie"My mom yelled.

I put my hand over my face. " Wow they missed each other " Ricky said.

" Yup and I just love hearing it" I said not my sarcasm.

" Well just move out you are 18"Ricky said.

"I knon I found this good apartment but the rent is expensive so I need a roommate to help me" I said.

" I can live with you I need a break from all these dumb asses " Chris said in the background.

I laughed. Ricky rolled his eyes. " Ask Tj to move in with you " Ricky said.

" I would but he would already be there most of the time and we only been together for three months it's to soon" I said.

"like I said I can be your roommate.. I need a break" Chris said.

I laughed. " I can move in with you we rarely see each other " Ricky said.

"Ok come over tomorrow and I'll show you were it is at" I said.

Chris came in the shot. " Are you really going to pick him over me " Chris said.

I smiled . " Bye guys " I said.

I ended the call and shut my laptop. Ej went In my Lap and I petted him. After a while of hearing moans I got up and took a shower real fast. I got out and got dressed. (Outfit on the side). 

I put on mascara and eyeliner on. Then I went to my room and grabbed my beanie. I grabbed my keys . I rubbed Ej head. " I'll be back in a little bit "I said.

I walked out and went downstairs. I got in my car and drove to Etf house. I walked in. All the guys were sitting on the couch. I Sat down Tj lap. " Hey babe" Tj said.

" Hey" I said.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek. " Miss us already Tally" Michael said.

"No....My parents are welcoming each other home with sex and I don't want to hear it" I said.

" Oh and hear I thought you loved us" Robert said.

" Nope think again" I said.

" Haha" Tj said.

" I didn't want to see you ether " I said.

Tj frowned. All the guys laughed.

We talked for a while and joked around Intel I got a text from mom. (M=Mom T=Tally)

M: Can you come home?

T: Are you and dad done fucking each other?

M: Yes.

T: Okay on my way

I got off of Tj Lap. " I got to go see you guys later " I said.

I walked out of the house and drove back to my house. Mom and Ronnie were sitting on the couch. I was about to go upstairs. " Tally come sit with us" Ronnie said.

" Do I have to" I asked.

"We order pizza" Mom said.

" So what are we watching " I asked.

I sat next to them. "Nothing were just talking Intel the pizza got here" Ronnie said.

I sat there Intel the pizza got there. Ronnie paid then we sat down at the table. I grabbed a slice. " So I found a roommate " I said.

"Who" Mom asked.

"Ricky... Were going to check out the apartment tomorrow" I said.

"My little girl is growing up so fast"Ronnie said.

" When are you two planing moving in together " Mom asked.

I started thinking about that is my head. "Probably by the end of this week" I said.

"Well then we better spend the rest of the week together" Ronnie said.

" That means no sex" I said.

Mom bit her lip. "Fine"Mom said.

I smiled. We finished the pizza. Then I went upstairs and got dressed in PJs.  I laid in Bed and fell asleep.
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