Chapter 5

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Kelly came to my house to apologize and I just closed the door in her face but a few seconds later I opened it " I know you Katy I know you wouldn't just leave me like I left you" " you have every right not to forgive me because I just left you and did nothing about it and Katy if you died I would have just left you there to die" she started crying " Why don't we take a walk up to my room" I said " really?!" said kelly " haha really kelly c'mom" we walked up stairs and we talked for hours and hours she lost track of time and just spent the night and I took her to school as much as she didn't want to get bullied she did it with me. I never asked for someone as good as kelly to be my friend. While we're quietly eating lunch in the bathroom she says "Hey this bullying is gonna stop were best friends were in the together" as she grabbed my hand " that's the first nicest thing I've heard all year" and then you remember the two girls that made fun of me in the beginning of the book right? Well they just walked in fixing their makeup and hair and then they saw me and Kelly. " ahahaha wow kelly and Katy are you guys happy eating here alone?" said Lindsey and I just looked at kelly "don't do it Katy their not worth it" kelly said but of course I didn't listen "Everybody should be making fun of you , you slut you think your the queen of the school and think your perfect and everybody likes you and yeah and while I listen to the whispering your names in there to Linsey! along with the words SLUT! do you know That!? no? WELL NOW YOU DO YOU SLUTTY RICH BITCH" "
Katy" said kelly "Not kelly I can't stand this anymore if you guys want to go ahead and make fun of me go right ahead i but when I have a problem I don't go to my rich mommy and daddy for help bitch so go ahead and say something!" man did it feel good to get that out and pretty much the whole school heard Bc the vent was open and you heard clapping and cheering for me sticking up for myself and yelling and Lindsey and she just stood there saying nothing and I walked away. Lindsey just cried and Kelly said " Katy why would you do that" and I just gave her that are you serious look and she said " KATY That was amazing I'm so glad you stood up for yourself" Oh hell yeah I thought people will like me now.

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