breakfast and cars

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I charge into my bedroom and fling the door of my closet open. I instantly catch my gaze on my favorite Top... My light pink Tobuscus T-Shirt. I grabbed the T-Shirt as well as a pair of jeans and my light pink Heelys. I quickly run my brush through my hair and decide that I am presentable enough to go into the outside world until I find one of my last baby hairs sticking up at the back of my head (and yes i still have baby hairs), so i just decide to wear my white bobble hat. After that long period of time, I decide to head down stairs to meet my sister who is wearing her red check shirt and a pair of jeans, finished with a pair of UGG boots.

"Ready?" she asks,


We head out the door to the car. As we start to drive we hit a red light, about 10 seconds later it turned green again. There was no sign of any pedestrians but as soon as the light went green a strange looking man ran across the road just as we where about to drive.

"WATCH IT YOU LUNATIC!!!" , My sister screams out the window.

"Who is that?" I ask.

I shift my gaze from my sister to the man. I can only see the back of his head so all I can see is ; Brown, short, thick curly hair. He is quite tall wearing a black leather jacket, jeans and some sort of trainers. I can also see that he is holding his iPhone up in the air as if he is filming himself... No i couldn't be... Could it?

I erase that thought out of my mind just as i go to see who he is and ask why he just ran out into the road like that. As soon as he sees me coming he turns around. My whole life turns upside down as a smirk appers on his face as he looks at me. My heart skips a beat... It is him... It's Toby Turner.


Hey guys! Thank you for reading my first FanFic! I hope you are liking it so far... and I apologize about me not updating these past couple of weeks I just so caught up in school that's all . Well I hope you guys will read the next chapter! 

Bye for now x

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