Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

No one's POV

It's been almost another week, Se jin and Ken has become closer, but the feelings between the both of them are so tangled up to the moment they both felt awkward towards each other more often.

Se Jin hasn't told him about her past, but she planned to, since hiding away isn't the best thing. -

Se Jin dashed down the hallway to her father's office, she totally forgot about the meeting due to lack of sleep from staying up all night from training.

She panted by the door before going in, right when she went in, Zuko was sitting on her father's chair, staring directly at her with a smile.

"Father- What are you doing here?!" She voice suddenly changed.

"Surprise aren't you? I came here for my revenge, isn't it fair enough?" He smirked when two people grabbed her, holding her arms tightly.

She tried to stomp their feet but fail too, she tried to kick them but they both kicked her, causing her to fall on her knees. She groaned in pain and shot a dead glare at Zuko who's laughing.

"Nothing's funny but yourself." she angrily said.

He slammed the desk which caught everyone's attention.

"I don't like the way you speak." he angrily said.

"So why do I care? I'm not your child, not your servant, or not under your control, why would I care? Get your fact straight, I ain't under your system. We are two different group, ZERO and Metal." She gritted her teeth.

He tossed a book at her but she dodged it. He stood up heading towards her and squeezed her jaw, in anger. She made an angry face as he squeezed tighter.

"Hyuk, come in." He smirked at her, trying to see her reaction.

Her eyes widen, she was nervous, no she was beyond scared. Zuko suddenly kicked her stomach as she groaned.

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