Fullmetal Alchemist OC

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Name: Mizuko Shima

Birthday: December 12

Age: 21-22

Weight: 138 pounds

Height: 5ft 8

Race: Amestrian

Alchemy: Water and Earth

Occupation: State Alchemist

Friend: Alex, Winry, Sheska, Jean, and Scar

Best Friend: Edward, Alphonse, Riza and your oc

Enemise: Kimblee, Father, and Homuncil (some of them)

Family: Takeo Sato (twin older brother: alive age: 21-22)

Ace Shima (cousin from Kagome's side of the family,  alive. Age: 23)

Kagome Shima (adopted mother: alive age: 42)

Shino Shima (adopted father: alive age: 45)

Crushes: Roy, Jean or Greed

Looks: she has white long wavy hair that reach her back and blue eyes. When she not at work, she wear a white blouse that it cut at top of her shoulders and a dark blue long skirt that reach her knees and wears black gray boots when she wearing pants and and black dress shoes when she wearing her skirt. And wears a heart shape pendent from her brother before they gone to their new family and wear a ribbon to keep her hair in a ponytail when at work. At work, the military uniform, sometime it kind of loose on her side but she put a belt around her waist to keep it up.

Scent: Green Apple or Strawberries cream (depend on what soap she using)

Like: sweets, singing, reading, animals, flowers, older brother, farming, and milk

Dislike: spicy food, bitter food, Snakes, bugs, rude people, killers, and jerks.

Dreams: may take over the family farm when her parents decide to retire and pass down the farm to her to keep the farm alive since they have no other kids to pass it down on.  May start a family if it with the right guy.

Skills: Singing, Alchemy, Writing, Baking, and Cooking

Fears: her brother forgotten about her, losing her new family, being killed by the robbers that took her parents life, death, being kidnap, Spiders, and height.

Fact: She gave Takeo a star shape pendent before he gone to his new family and wear the one her brother gave her every day. She like to sing to herself when she alone and tries to forget what happens to her parents during the robbery and sings to the animals to calm them down. Her brother Takeo also know alchemy, but his is to control earth as well, but had more training. The robbers were never found when their parents were kill, she still fears them as of today.

Personality: she a hard worker and helpful after she adopted by her new parents. She doesn't like when people judge people by the way they act unless they get to know they. She has a soft spot for sweets and animals. She can get angry if you press her buttons and if you do, they better start running for the hills. She doesn't give up unless it a pointless fight or battle. She tries to have fun once in a while unless she have to work since she helped her parents at the farm land. She get shy when she around a group of boys since she grew up in the farmland and does talk to boy unless they're the Elric brothers

Past: Mizuko and her older twin brother Takeo were both orphaned after their parents died during a robbery at their home at the age of 10. The both of them were adopted by two different family. She was adopted by farmers in Resembool and her brother was adopted by a military family in Central. They haven't seen or heard from each other since they were adopted. When Mizuko was 11 years old, she stated to learn about alchemy from books she found in the Library. She started to practice water alchemy to water the field of crops and earth alchemy to tilt the land and fill in holes, the more she practice with her alchemy the more she learn how to control it. When Mizuko turn 19, she left Resembool and head to Central to find her brother. Once she got there, she check the adoption record and found where her brother works at. Once she found him, he was a state alchemist. She didn't want to tell him who she was but, she decide to be a state alchemist as well and then tell him when the time was right. She decide to stay in Central to study for the Exam so she can be a State Alchemist. Once she think she was ready by the age of 20 for the Exam, she applied to take the State Exam and hoping she would passed. She fail the first time, she decide to try again next year when she knows she ready. She gone back to training for the Exam again and knows she'll pass the Exam this time. At the age of 21 during the Exam, they saw she could be a state Alchemist for the military, now she a step closer to find her older brother.

Weapon: she carries a bottles of water when she needs to use her water alchemy when in a time she does need it. Two Daggers are hiding in her boots for a sneak attack or when she in a dangerous spot. She will use her earth Alchemy when she needs to fight someone off. Her circles for her to use alchemy are burn on to both of her wrists, and kept hid under her sleeve so no one can see them

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