Chapter 2

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     Big black boots pound the hallway coming closer and closer to her she slowly raised her head when she met his face You! She said in a scornful manner how could you?she raised her voice.

Sarah please hear me out

No. She cut him off you did this to me to his child you know what he'll do to you.

He cannot harm me,he told me to do it,he was the one who planned it all.

No your lieing that's all you ever do lie.

Sarah I promise you

You and your promises your lips are poisen,your words are bitter,your a snake damon a snake. Sarah pushed him in the wall and ran away into the nursery searching for her baby she would find her she would find her anywhere. She scanned the room with pain in her eyes.

She's not here damon said leaning in on the doorway. With Hands trembling and tears filling her deep green eyes she fell to the ground I want my baby she cried

Damon took her in his arms my sweet darling he wants you to come home be his wife again this time he says you'll be whole for your child will mend the wounds and bring joy to you and him everything will be okay you'll be happy. Sarah shook her head in his arms these were all lies she told herself he's doing it again he'll never stop finding her she closed her eyes and then it came she'll go back but she won't go without a back up plan...

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