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Pen Your Pride

HOW DARE HE?!?! He thinks that just because of some crap that happened with Sam, he can just stop me and Tate from speaking EVER! Uggh, i need to speak to Ellie. I went to find her, sitting alone in the couch playing C.O.D. Modern Warfare with some 22yr old from the US. "Ellie, can I talk to you?" I asked, I heard buzzing from over her headset. *Soo, do you need to speak to whoever that is, cos i can fed them off for 10 minutes if you do* I think that's what I heard anyway. "Yeah, be right back, Mark" She said into the headset, switching a button, preventing him from hearing our conversation, Dan and Phil were at Radio 1 until 9pm so they wont hear us. "So what's up?" She asked, sincerity and concern lacing her voice. "I was until about 20 minutes ago." "Why?" She pushed, she knew I was like this when I was really peeved. "Phil, he just told me I can't talk to Tate anymore because of his assigned You Tuber" I said, feeling the anger coursing through my veins as i spoke, my temper rising with every syllable. "Why, who's the YouTuber?" She asked, her concern rising as quick as my anger did. "Sam Pepper..." I mumbled, "Who?" "Sam pepper" I mumbled again, barely getting any louder. "Who?" She asked again, obviously getting annoyed, she knew the story of the tension between Sam and Phil and would immediately understand, once she heard me, that is. "Sam Pepper!" I shouted, catching her off guard. "Oh." This time it was her turn to go quiet. "Yeah, what am I gonna do?" I asked, genuinely looking for ideas. "I've told Phil 'Fine' because I don't want to upset him, but now any chance I had with Tate is screwed up!" I said, throwing my arms up at the end. "Calm down, I'll talk to him, explain everything, nobody said anything to me about not talking to him." She reasoned. "Oh my god, thank you!" I screeched, so loud Phil and Dan probably heard it! I threw my arms around her, knocking her back into the headset which flicked on, filling our ears with 'Mark screaming swear word because he was being attacked by a hoard of them. "Relax Mark, I'm coming!" Ellie shouted, throwing her headset on, grabbing her remote for the console and running to rescue this mark guy. I laughed and watched her until my eyelids grew heavy and I passed out curled up on the sofa. The last thing i remember was Phil carrying me to bed. Today finally worked out....

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