The Shadow Reveals Itself

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Trek and Tsubasa had been so proud of their completed mission that they decided to stay in the little town for a day longer."Can I have your pizza?", Trek groaned. "If I'm eating it, I THINK IT MEANS I WANT IT!", Tsubasa shouted back. This caused Trek to fall of his chair on to the floor. "Whoa, the floor is soft.", said Trek. "What the...? Your floating.", said Tsubasa.Trek looked down and realized he was in mid-air. "Uhh, sorry.", Said the air. Then a girl materialized from the shadow. "Hi?", The girl timidly said. "Hi! Gow are you? I'm a wizard too. What's your name. I've seen you fight. You guys are cool. Sorry for intruding.", the girl continued to babble on. "So what magic do you use?", Trek asked. "Oh, Shadow magic. By the way my name is Levi", the girl said.

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