New York City

"We need to talk," She said with haste. I stepped out into the hallway and closed my bedroom door.

"About?" I asked and she looked at me, uncomfortably.

"Things about you," Emma snapped. I was taken back. She huffed out. "I'm sorry," I stood silent. I headed down the stairs with Emma behind me. The leather jacketed man sat at the table in Henry's chair. His eyes brightened when he saw me.

"Riley," He said to me. I sat in my chair across from him.

"Riley, this is Killian Jones. He's an old friend of mine," Emma introduced.

"I haven't seen or heard of him before," I spoke and I crossed my arms.

"We go back a little," Killian spoke up and I sighed under my breath.

"Riley, there's something I need to tell you about Killian," Emma inched her words towards me. She reached forward and put her hand on my leg. I looked down at it and back up at her. "Spit it out."

"KIllian is your birth father," Emma confessed. I felt empty. My heart went cold. I could feel my body freeze. I looked at Killian. He smiled, softly at me. I stared at both of them.

"No, that's a lie. My parents are dead. They didn't want me and look where that got them," I hissed, seething through my teeth. "They died in a sailing accident," Emma didn't say anything. I looked back at Killian who wasn't even paying attention. He was staring into space. I sighed and stood up from the table. I headed towards the door and ignored the protests coming from the kitchen. I kept walking. I exited my apartment and ran outside to the streets. Cars were honking and people were shouting. I ran down the street and towards Central Park which was near my apartment building. It was very busy at the park and I expected it. I sat down on the nearest bench. I huffed out and put my head in my hands. Tears escaped my eyes.

"Are you okay, Riley?" A voice asked and I popped up from my stare at the pavement. I looked to see Henry standing in front of me.

"Hey, Henry. What are you doing here?" I quickly wiped my tears and he sat down next to me.

"I'm here with Avery," He pointed over to his best friend, Avery who was kicking a soccer ball around with some other boys. "Are you sure you're okay? You look sad."

"I met my birth father or so he says," I confessed and he frowned in confusion.

"But your parents are-"

"Dead. Yeah, I know," I finished for him. We stayed silent for a few moments before I stood up. "I think I'm going to head back. Have fun with Avery," I said and I walked away from him. I looked behind my shoulder and saw him back over by Avery. I smiled and continued to walk. I made it back to the apartment and slipped through the doorway. I peaked in the kitchen to see Emma and Killian talking. They didn't seem to notice me. Emma didn't even come after me. I expected her to since she was a bail bondsperson and strong willed person. I snuck upstairs and went into my room. I fell onto my bed and curled up, closing my eyes. I then, fell asleep.

"I know you're pushing away your feelings." I growled. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Feelings?" He softly, asked. I nodded.

"Like anger." I gave an example. He stared at me. "Freedom." His eyes went to his feet. "Love." His head jolted up to meet my eyes.

"Love?" He spat. I nodded. "I've never heard of it."

"I think you have." I pointed out in a whispered. "I daresay you're feeling it now for something..or someone." He glares at me and I heard the sound of metal. The next thing I see is a sword to my neck. Peter points it at me with a dead glare settled in his eyes.

"Never. Even the sound of it offends me. It's a weakness." He snarled. I raise my hands in surrender.

"Go ahead." I snap. He points it to me still. "We both know I'm right." He doesn't do anything which puzzles me. "What are you waiting for? Kill me!" I encouraged. "I'm out of your way, you get Henry's heart. Everything you want." His eyes softened and he dropped the sword on the ground. His hands fall to his sides and the sound of the sword dropping echoes throughout the jungle. He rushes up to me and cups my face, crashing his lips to mine. His lips are soft and gentle. I kiss back, wrapping my fingers around his wrist to keep his hands in place. He pulls away with a blank and surprised expression. I nod and rekindle the kiss. He grabbed my waist and lifted me up. I wrap my legs around his waist, throwing my arms around his neck with our lips still connected. Wendy's voice rang in my head with his warnings raw in my brain. I have to be careful for myself and for everybody else who might be impacted by this.

I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. Tears streamed down my face. My breathing was heavy and rapid. Footsteps came running up the stairs and my door barged open. Emma stood there. She rushed over to me and pulled me into her embrace. She rubbed my hair, soothing me. My breathing slowed down and I was calm. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow move behind my door. I moved back and panicked. Emma hugged me tighter.

"What is it, Riley?" She exclaimed. I pointed at the door and she got up. I grabbed her arm and tried to get her to stay. She pulled me off of her and went over to the door. She looked behind it and nothing was there. I got up and rushed over to the door, looking. Nothing. "Did you have a bad dream or something?"

"Um, I," I stuttered out. I put my hand on my forehead and tried to get some words out. "There was a boy and I knew him for some reason. He was talking about a monster. Something about Henry's heart. It was really weird," I explained and she froze.

"Why don't you go back to sleep?" She tried to steer away from the subject. I nodded and climbed under the covers. Emma closed the door and I stared at the ceiling. I heard some whispering from out in the hallway. I crept out of bed and crouched down, peeking through the keyhole. I saw Emma and Killian in the hall.

"Is she okay?" He asked her and she started to shake her head.

"Hook, she's starting to dream of him, Peter," Emma panicked. He put his hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away from him. "This is bad."

"You don't want her to remember me?" Killian quietly said, looking down.

"Well, it might be for the better. You caused her so much pain. Peter didn't help her at all. He just put ideas in her head. I do believed he loved her, but I think it's best for her to forget him," Emma explained.

"Fine, then, I'll leave," He walked away from her and down the stairs.

"Hook!" She exclaimed and ran after him. The only thing on my mind was; who the hell is Peter?

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