chapter 7

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Jessica's POV

I get ready for my college as quickly as possible and climb down the stairs, skipping one at a time. When I reach the dining table, I find everyone staring at me. I give this weird look to them.

Why is every body staring at me? Have I worn something upside-down? Or did I forget to wear something. I look down to check.

Ok...shirt check! Pants check! Shoes check! I see my hair in the glass beside me hair check! All this time they were still looking at me except for Luke. He was looking at the table and holding back his giggles. I frowned! And asked them "What?? Why are you people staring at me?"

They don't answer me. Instead they all come up running to me... Luke, Jason, Kelly,Amy... (Not running exactly) and hug me. Awwwww.... but why?

"Your back to normal. I've missed seeing you like this for so long.", Amy says. Amy and Kelly kiss me on the cheek and Jason gives me that dude like hug. "Ummm....well. I'm happy that you people think about me so much. I really love you all. Actually today I got a bit of a "lecture" from my big brother...hahaha... not a lecture exactly. But then I thought that I should go out with you people and spend some time so that I cheer up a little." I say with a smirk on my face.

"Well maybe we will help you out of this then. Lets plan a tour then. Mom and dad have also agreed", Kelly says and then she lowers down her voice so that only we children could hear"that too we could go out on ourselves. No mom and dad. Yes!"

"I heard that, Kelly dear!!"says uncle Paul with a smirk on his face. And theu all start laughing...and I join in. "OH!!! We are so happy you are back to normal....Jess. we all love you for that!"they all say in unison and then give me a group hug. Tears roll down my cheeks and I say"Thanks guys it really means a lot to know that some people care for me.And I love you too for that."

We all sit on the chairs and have our breakfast."Oh shit!! We are late for our college. I missed my math class! " I said and then mockingly cover my face with my hands to show that I'm sobbing. All look at me weirdly first, but then understanding my sarcastic remark they all start laughing. I laugh too.first time after so many days did I laugh so much! I felt good. "But really guys, we are late and I think we should really hurry up. We can decide about th trip after we come back right?"

"Ohk Jess mam."Jason said sadly. They were really excited about this trip.!!I guess even I was a bit excited. Finishing our breakfast we all grab our bags and head towards the garage for the car. While we were in the car chatting with each other I get to know much more about them.

Jason has a girlfriend named Lisa, and he informs us that even she might come with us to our trip. Everyone agreed to it. We reach the college and part our ways to our own classes. I had already missed more than half of my math class! So I decide to go to the canteen. Then suddenly,"Hey Jessica?" Oh I got scared, when suddenly someone appears from nowhere in front of your eyes. One of my hands goes to the chest to check if my heart is still beating or no. Yeah its beating!! It was Luke. "Luke I will kill you if you do that again.",I say punching him on his arm."Ow! Ok so what are you doing here you had a math class right now right?",he says

"Well the math class is almost coming to the end so I thought I might just go to the canteen. And you know what, from the day I've taken admission in this college I haven't ever seen the canteen. I've only seen the library. I can't believe it.", I say with a smirk on my face.

He is shocked to listen that, and then he just drags me with him to the canteen and we sit there chatting about all unnecessary things, how my studies were going on and all such stuff. He was really acting like a "BIG BROTHER"

I don't know how I turned up becoming so happy after so many years. It feels like I just needed the long talk with my brother which happened today, in the morning.

After a long half an hour conversation I get up, give him a hug and tell him "Ok Luke thanks for getting me to the canteen, I need to hurry up, I have an english lecture now. Bye. We'll meet after college and we'll go somewhere out with the other guys and discuss about this trip. "

"Bye Jess and thanks again for doing this for me. Love You. I'll text you when I get out of class. Bye!!"

I head towards my next class,ENGLISH :-(:-(

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