Chapter 7

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                                                                               Girls Talk

I quietly sat on my chair. The girls were running from one side to the other. Clare was behind me trying to do my braid. She wasn’t even saying a single word; all her attention was on my hair. Rachel was kneeling in front of me with every possible makeup product spread on the floor. There was stuff I didn’t even know existed, as for instincts green concealer, weird right? But after all, I trusted Rachel; she knew what she was doing, hopefully. She was putting a little of light brown shadow on my crease. She would yell every two seconds to not move, and not to breathe. As if that was possible! After a few awkward and uncomfortable minutes, the girls took a step back to discuss their accomplishments.

‘Oh, it’s ok maybe you should curl this strand’ she took the strand on her hand and showed it to Clare.                                                                                                                                                                   ‘Yeah you’re right. Maybe, a little nude pencil on her waterline to give the last touch?’                                       ‘Ok you’re right! Let’s get back to work people. We still have lots to do and we’re running out of time. Let the Make-over continue’ With this said they got back to work. They were so overdramatic. It was just a simple casual date, not a freaking Hollywood wedding! 

‘Omg I can’t believe you’re really going out with him it’s just so unreal and magical. You know, like in a fairytale. Girl meets boy, he falls in love with her, they go out, fall deeply in love and finally live happily ever after.’ Rachel said in her dreamy voice.

‘You definitely watch too many Disney movies! That’s never going to happen! And you do know that there is no happy ever after. And not every fairytale ends good.’ Clare busted out.

‘You’re a joy killer Clare! Let me dream, will you?’ These girls were unbearable. The door suddenly cracked open. Who could it possibly be? When I heard the bitchy sound of her voice my question was answered. It was my lovely cousin Nicole. What did she want again, hadn’t I enough worries and stress already? She was wearing a short pink skirt. You know what they say about a person that always wears pink? They are usually naïve and immature. Accurate! There are also positive points but they don’t portray Nicole.

She was also wearing white high heels and a matching pink deep v-neckline top. ‘So you’re getting ready? I suppose you’re trying to look good for Jake?’ Wait what? How did she even know about the date? I hadn’t told anybody except for the closest persons to me, which didn’t include her.

‘How…How do you even know about that?’ I questioned. I needed to know.                                                             ‘I have my sources cousin. Nothing goes past me. Well, I’m the queen B after all.’ She gave me an arrogant smile. The queen B! B for Bitch and Bullshit!  I just hated her so much!                                                                                                                             ‘Oh, and by sources you mean your so called friends that just hang out with you because of your popularity. Wow I’m impressed!’ I joked.                                                                                                                                                        ‘I don’t know why you even try! You’re just wasting your time. Is not like he’s ever going to want you in his entire life! Even if you were the only girl left on earth he would still prefer to die alone. You are a no one! Jake needs someone that is…’                                                                                                                                                        ‘Oh let me guess smart, intelligent, beautiful, popular, kind, caring, strong, funny… Basically you! Am I right?’ I had heard her say all of those things about herself so many times that I knew them by heart already.

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