Never disobey him.

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"Okay, now go to school or you are going to be late!" Seiko said cheerful. She waved at her siblings and headed back inside. Naomi walked down the stairs and Seiko smiled. "How did you sleep?". She looked away and Seiko's smile disappeared. "Again?" she mumbled. Naomi nodded and sat on the couch. Seiko sat next to her and embraced her. "I wish I could do something." she whispered, looking into Naomi's brown eyes. She stroke her cheek and smiled. "C'mon, let's eat, I'm hungry." Seiko said, walking towards the kitchen.

"Ayumi, wake up.." Yoshiki whispered, looking into her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. "Goodmorning.." she whispered. He hugged her. "C'mon we gotta get you in your normal clothes, that Kizami guy asked if we could visit him." Yoshiki said, grabbing her clothes. "Why?" she asked. "I don't know, he wanted to talk about Yuka.". Ayumi looked at him. "But they are a couple right, why doesn't he ask it her?". Yoshiki shook his head. "I have no idea..".

After he got Ayumi dressed and they had breakfast, they headed towards Yuuya's house. Yoshiki rang the bell and waited outside. Yuuya opened the door and smiled. "Welcome.." he said, stepping aside.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Ayumi asked. Yuuya looked at her legs. "What happened to you?" he asked. Ayumi looked away and Yoshiki sighed. "Don't mind that, what did you want to talk about and where is Yuka?" he asked, looking around. Yuuya smirked evil and grabbed some cloth. Yoshiki looked at him and raised his brown. "What are y-". He was cut of by the cloth against his mouth. He tried to push Yuuya away but he was to strong. Yoshiki felt weak and slowly closed his eyes. He fell to the ground and Ayumi screamed.

"Yoshiki!". Yuuya turned around and sighed. "Don't worry, he's just sleeping.". He walked towards her and pushed the same cloth against her mouth. "Now sleep too, you will wake up soon.." he whispered. Ayumi closed her eyes too and fell asleep. Yuuya sighed again. "The next two are not going to be that easy..".

"So what did Yuka's boyfriend want?" Mayu asked, walking next to Sakutaro. He sighed. "I don't know, but we are here so..". He knocked on the door and Yuuya opened. "Hi, come in." he said. Mayu and Sakutaro entered the house.

"So you want to talk, about what?" Sakutaro asked. Yuuya smiled. "I have a surprise for Yuka and I want to ask you if you want to help.". Sakutaro looked at Mayu and she nodded. "Yeah sure, what do we need to do?" he asked.

"Well, if that lovely woman on your side wants to grab that box from that room." Yuuya said, pointing towards the bedroom. Mayu smiled and walked towards the bedroom. When she entered the room, Yuuya locked the door behind her. Mayu turned around. "Uhm.. Kizami, you accidentally locked the door.." she stuttered. Yuuya smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be back in a minute." he said, grabbing the cloth again. He walked towards Sakutaro and smiled. "Don't worry, I will take good care of her..".

After they all passed out Yuuya bound their hands and feet together. "Now let's call Mochida..".

The phone rang and Satoshi answered it. "Mochida, I need you to come to me, and bring Yuka." Yuuya said in a 'worried' tone. Satoshi sighed and raised his brow. "Why?" he asked, uninterested. "Just come, I have no time!". Yuuya ended the call and Satoshi rolled with his eyes. "I'll just call Yuka and visit that loner..".

Yuka and Satoshi arrived at Yuuya's house and he opened the door. "Come in.." he said. Yuka hide behind Satoshi again. When he looked into her eye, he send shivers down her spine. "So why did we need to come?" Satoshi asked, annoyed. Yuuya pointed towards the bedroom and he saw his four friends bound to a chair. They where asleep and they couldn't go anywhere.

"Kizami, are you crazy?!" Satoshi yelled. Yuka closed her eye, she was terrified. "I want to make a deal.." Yuuya said still in a calm tone. Satoshi shook his head. "What kind of deal?!". Yuuya chuckled and looked at Yuka. "You leave Yuka with me, and you get your friends..". Yuka's eyes widened. "W..what." she squeaked. Satoshi grabbed Yuka's hand.

"You are NOT going to touch MY little sister!" he yelled. He ran towards his friends, trying to cut the ropes but he failed. Yuuya hit him in the face and Yuka grabbed Yuuya's arm. "Stop it, you are hurting him!" she begged with tears in her eyes. "I will stay here, just don't hurt him and let his friends go!".

Satoshi looked at her and his jaw dropped. Yuuya stopped hitting Satoshi and smiled. He undid the knots and woke his friends. Yoshiki immediately tried to hit him but Yuuya grabbed his arm. "Don't waste your energy..". Yoshiki obeyed him and putted Ayumi back in her wheelchair. Satoshi kneeled next to Yuka and grabbed her hand. "Please Yuka, you don't need to do this..!" he whispered. Yuka shook her head. "Go back home and tell mom and dad that I'm back with my 'boyfriend'.." she mumbled, looking away. How much it hurt Satoshi, he left without her.

Yuuya hugged her and smiled. "I love you.." he whispered. Yuka pushed him away. "Well, I don't love you.." she said, looking away. He grabbed her hand. "Come on Yuka, don't act like a child." he said. Yuka pushed him back again. "I said no!" she yelled. He placed his hands around her tiny neck.

"You better listen, I don't want you do die, but if you disobey, I have no choice!". Yuka grabbed his arms, trying to breathe. "Ki..zami, p...please.." she gasped. "Call me by my first name!" he yelled. Tears spilled from Yuka's eyes. "Yuu..ya, please.!". Yuuya smiled and pulled his arm back.

"Never disobey me again..!"

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