Zayn's the awkward loner nobody knows or cares about. Everyone is getting carnations and sweet treats, except him... or so he thinks.

Valentine's Day.
The day - for some odd reason - everyone decides to show their love and affection for their lives one (they should do that everyday).

It's also referred to hell for those who are single - it sucks. Especially in high school. Everyone has somebody... except for you.

Zayn and Harry were walking down the hall. Zayn was the one living in hell at the moment while Harry had someone.

"Any plans for tonight?" Zayn asked, causally. He was dressed in all black - the usual. His hair up in a nice quiff.

"I want to go out to dinner or see a film or something extremely romantic and cheesy, but Louis isn't having it." Harry whined. He was dressed in a white loose tee and skinny jeans that looked like a second skin. His hair was a wild good-looking mess.

"I'm sorry. Did you try talking to him about it?" Zayn asked, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Harry nodded. "I did, but he kept saying how it would be stupid and shit."

"I didn't say that," Zayn and Harry stopped walking and looked behind them, "I said it would be shitty and stupid. Big difference." Louis walked up beside Harry and taking his hand into his.

"Why not? I think it would be fun. We'd get to go out, have some nice food, and then end it with an extra special dessert at home." Harry said, his voice got deep at the end. That made the over confident sassy Louis cower down into a nervous wreck.

Louis blushed. "D-Dessert?" Louis gulped nervously. "Oh yes. I made a delicious cheese cake last night that we could enjoy together," Louis let out a sigh of relief, "did you know I work in a bakery?" Harry asked Zayn, making Louis groan.

Zayn rolled his eyes playfully. "Yes, I did know that Harold. I've visited you a couple of times." He chuckled.

Louis started to lean against Harry until he picked him up and carried him to their class.

Zayn couldn't help, but be a bit jealous of the couple.

Harry was talk, awkward, and had the cheesiest of jokes. Louis was short, social, and a sassy brat. Together, they were pretty much the most perfect couple on the planet. They balanced out. Harry is awkward and has trouble talking, but Louis would find some way to help the conversation not be as awkward. Louis is over confident, but Harry would find some way to pull him down to a more of a "just confident" level.

Louis was such a sexual being, but never was actually "sexual". He brags on and on about it, but he's more of a Virgin than the Virgin Mary. But only Harry knows that. And he uses that to an advantage, which makes Louis flush become more innocent than he already is - but no one notices or cares.

Which Zayn should be doing. As much as he'd kill for a relationship like theirs, he know he shouldn't. He can't join in and make it his.

Zayn sighed and took a turn into English class. He walked towards the back and sat down in his seat.

And there, the man of his dreams was sat in front of him. A tough jock that was extremely smart and had such a lovable personality. He was very charismatic. He was the best football player there was in the school! He had a glowing smile and chocolate eyes that make melt.

Liam Payne

He defiantly caused Zayn pain. He had know him since Middle School and had been crushing since. But Liam doesn't know who he is... according to Zayn.

Zayn sighed and pulled out his notebook from his bag.

"You could try that thing called talking. It works... are you aware of it?" Chirpy Niall sat down beside Zayn. Zayn rolled his eyes. "I'm aware, Niall. I just..." Zayn trailed off.

Niall rolled his eyes. "Dude, go talk to him! In fact, make him a paper heart and give it to him." Niall instructed.

Zayn shook his head. "No. He'll find it stupid."

"Then play it off as if it's a joke."

Zayn sighed and shook his head once more. He would end up making a fool of himself if Liam liked him back or not.


It was the end of the day. Everyone was running off to their dates and lovers. Others were probably spending the night with their best friends, complaining how they don't have boyfriends or girlfriends in their lives and enjoy being single.

Zayn sighed and opened his car door. A stuffed dog rolled out and fell at his feet. Zayn bent down and picked up the stuffed dog. It wasn't little and it wasn't the size of him. It was pink, except for the white around it right eye.

Zayn smiled. "You're cute, but I don't think you belong to me." He told the dog. He laughed lightly at himself.

He turned the dog over and spotted a card that said:

Words can't describe my love for you.
I guess this face will have to do.

Beside it was a stick figure that had big eyes and droll.

Zayn laughed loudly. He pulled it off the dog and turned it around, not finding a name.

Zayn looked in his car, seeing if there were any more goodies or a name. A smile spread across his face when he saw the whole back seat covered in red roses.

He set the dog down on the drivers seat and closed the back door. He opened up the back door. He picked out a rose and held up to his nose, giving it a sniff.

"Lovely." He muttered, closing the door and spinning around.

"Good, I got the right car."

Zayn jumped at the sudden sound of Liam The Payne's angelic voice. Zayn blushed and gulped nervously.

"Y-You..." Zayn looked back at the bajillion red roses that flooded the back seat, then looked back to Liam, "did this?" He asked, having trouble processing it. Zayn was just some nerd that was always quiet and sat in the back of class.

"Yes... I thought it was pretty obvious. I mean, I sort of had a crush on you since we first met in Middle School." Liam said awkwardly, scratching the back of his head awkwardly while flexing his muscles.

Zayn gulped and shook his head. "I d-didn't th-think you knew who I was." Zayn said, still in shock.

"Are you kidding me? I see you everyday! I mean, I don't talk to you because I'm afraid I'll say something stupid. Andy tells me I am the worst when it comes to talking to people I have strong feelings for," Liam chuckles, "I have the worst comebacks."

They laugh together, then an awkward tension fell onto them.

"I was wondering if you'd go out with me...?" Liam asked, looking into Zayn's eyes. Zayn blushed and nodded. "I would love to." He smiled.

"I'll pick you up at... six? Sound good?" Liam asked. Zayn nodded, "sounds perfect."

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