"What happened?" Saylor said, sitting up with aid from Scott and Derek. She rubs her head. Scott and Derek both start talking at once. "Shush. Both of you." Melissa McCall said to them. She sat beside Saylor. "How are you feeling, sweetheart?" she asked Saylor. "My head hurts." Saylor said, holding her head. Melissa brings Saylor a glass of water. "Do you remember anyhing?" Melissa asked her. "I remember Scott and him turning into werewolves." Saylor said, pointing at Derek. "I have a name. It's Derek." Derek told her. "I'm going to tell you something you must never tell anyone." Melissa said. Melissa told her how Derek and Scott were werewolves and that there were other supernatural creatures and how they were protectors and how Ennis and Kali were the bad werewolves. "So you both are werewolves? What about you, Mrs McCall?" Saylor asked. "No." Melissa said, half smiling. "Why do they want me?" she asked. The door opens and her mom runs throuh the door. "Mom." Saylor said, getting up to hug her mom. "What was the emergency?" she asked Melissa. "You daughter was attacked by Ennis and Kali." Melissa said to Lisa. Lisa's face grew white. "He found us. He always does. We aren't safe here." Lisa said, muttering to herself, but the boys have amazing hearing and hear her. "Who's after you?" Derek said. Lisa blushed, forgeting that werewolves had amazing hearing. "Thomas, Saylor's dad.

         "So wait, let me get this straight. Saylor's dad is after her because she would be a powerful werewolf? But isn't she already one?" Derek asked Lisa. "No, she wasn't born with it." Lisa said. "Which is why Thomas is after her, because she should have been, but wasn't which makes her even more valuable." Lisa explained. Saylor gets up and sits on the porch. Scott goes out and sits with her. "You okay?" Scott asked. "This is a lot to take in." Saylor said. Yeah, it is,but your safe. Derek and I won't let anything hurt you." Scott said to her. "How can you prevent it?" Saylor said. "I won't." Scott said. He starts to lean into kiss her, but her mom comes on the porch. They break away fast. "Saylor, you will be staying at Derek's tonight cause he wants to ask you more questions and you will be safer there." her mom said. "Saylor, I love you and want whats best for you. That's why I ran from your father all those years." Mrs. Reagan said. Saylor hugged her mom and kissed her cheek. "I love you too, Mom." Saylor said and watched her mom drive away. 

         A hand dropped on her shoulder, making her jump. "Ready?" Derek asked her. "Yeah, I guess." She turned around to hug Mrs. McCall. "Thank you for everything." she said. "No problem, sweetie. If you ever need a place to stay while your mom works night shifts, our house is always welcome." she said. "Bye, Saylor." Scott said. "Bye." Saylor said and followed and followed Derek to his car. The drive to Derek's was awkward. They got there and he opened the door for her. "Nice place." she said. "Thanks. You hungry?" he asked. "Starved." she said. He whipped up some food and they sat in the living room and ate. "Now, tell me what you remember about your dad." Derek said. She sat for a few minutes thinking about it. "There's not much. I remember when I was 4, we used to sit on the couch before bed and read books and we played hide and seek and he'd always tuck me into bed because my mom worked." Saylor said."Is that it?" he asked her. "Yeah, I remember never seeing him again." she said. "You didn't know anything about your past or your dad being a werewolf?" he asked her, taking their food plates and putting them on the counter after they finished. "No, I had no clue." she said, wringing her hands. "Well I'll ask more questions later, but for now you need to go to bed because you have school tomorrow." Derek said. "I don't have my bag." Saylor said. He picked it up from the floor where he left it. "Your mom brought it." he said. "Here he said." going to his room and bring out a pair of his boxers and a white tshirt for her to sleep in. "I'll sleep on the couch. You can take my bed." he told her. She went to the bathroom to change and came out in his clothes. She sat on the edge of his bed. "Derek, do you think they'll find me here?" she asked him. "I don't know, but I hope not." he said. He took his shirt off and laid on the couch. Saylor laid on his bed, and soon drifted to a sleep.

   Derek's P.O.V

       I hear a cry which takes me from my sleep. "Please don't hurt me!" Saylor yelled. I looked over at her and she was beating the sheets. "Stay away from me. Stay back." she yelled. I rushed to her and tried shaking her. "I will hurt you." she said, hitting me in the nose. "Ow." I yelled. I grabbed her wrists and shook her. She gave the most horrific scream I have ever heard. "Saylor, wake up."I said over and over again. Her eyes opened and she sighed with relief. "Derek, did I wake you?" she asked me, worry in her eyes. "Yeah, you must have had some bad dream." I said, still holding my nose, which I think now was bleeding. I grabbed a wash cloth and held it to my nose. "Did I hit you in the nose?" she asked. "Yeah, but it's not bad. What were you dreaming about?" I asked her. "I was being chased by wolves and I told the to stay away from me and they inched closer and closer. One of them jumped at me and started clawing me and I screamed." she said. She was shaking so I went to hold her. "It's okay. It was just a dream." I told her. She laid her head against my chest."What time is it?" she asked. "It is a little bit past one." I said. She looked at me and I could see fear in her eyes. I kissed and was surprised she kissed me back. I turned her around to face me. "You are safe with me, Scott, and Isaac protecting you." I said, running my hands up and down her hips. I kissed her again and wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her to the bed and laid her down on it and I curled up beside her. I was gonna sleep next to her so she hopefully didn't have any more nightmares. She drifted off to sleep as I rubbed her back.

        Saylor's P.O.V

I woke up and Derek was gone. I remember the kiss and I touched my lips. I got out of bed. "We are gonna stop by your house to get you clothes before I take you to school." he said. Grabs his keys and ushers me out the door. I grab my bag. I grab a coldplay shirt and my fav mini skirt and go. I get in. "Is it okay if I change in here?" I asked Derek. He motioned yes with his head. I threw his shirt in the back and I threw on mine. I pulled his boxers off and put on my skirt. Pulled down the visor and put my hair in a ponytail. I put the visor back up as we arrived at school I grabbed my bag and got out. "Stiles will give you a ride home." he told me. "Why Stiles?" she asked as Derek pulled away. She saw Stiles and Scott talking. "There she is." Scott said, putting his arm around Saylor. Before Stiles could say anything, the bell rang

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