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When Evelyn woke up, she felt strange. Pained. Yet she didn't know why. She felt cushions behind her head, yet she had no recollection of laying on a sfa or in a bed. 

"Hey, welcome back," an unknown male voice to her left said. She started and turned to look at the stranger. Sitting beside her was a pale blonde boy of around 18 years of age. He stared at her with mesmerizing, beautiful blue eyes, with an expression of concern etched across his face. 

"How do you feel?" he asked, his voice full of worry. "I feel fine..." she replied, confused. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?" "I'm Matt. Matt Donovan... I found you in the woods." Thats when she remembered. She was in the woods with friends, and out of nowhere, a man came and bit her, draining her of blood. She couldn't remember the rest. 

"My friends... Are they okay..?" She watched as Matt's face fell from concern to pity and sorrow. "I'm sorry." He answered. 

She didn't cry, although it was all she wanted to do. It was against her better judgement than to cry about people she barely knew. And she had only known these people for a week when she first moved into Mystic Falls. Instead, she slowly begain to sit up and look around the room. "Where are we...?" she asked. "You're at my place. I know what happened in the woods, but before I tell you what happened, I advise you get some rest." 

Even before Matt had finished talking, Evelyn could feel her eyelids getting heavier, and soon, sleep came upon her, and she was lost in total darkness. 

(Sorry for the chapter being short. This isn't edited from when I first wrote it a few months ago)

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